EuroCham interested in entering telecommunications sector in Indonesia

Jakarta (Antara News) - The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EuroCham) is interested in making investment in telecommunications and transportation sectors in Indonesia.

Those sectors are still relatively new in Indonesia, so they have the potential to develop and look promising for European business actors, EuroCham Vice Chairman Juergen Lagleder said here Wednesday.

A number of major telecommunications companies in Europe, including Siemens, have taken a series of steps to dominate the telecommunications market in Indonesia, he further said without disclosing the kind of steps already taken to win the market.

Concerning the transportation sector, he cited Indonesia as one of the market targets of European mass transportation technology and model, which has much developed. Indonesia still lags behind in the application of those transportation technology and model, he added.

Citing an example, he pointed out that the implementation of the Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) system in Jakarta is still in an initial stage, whereas several other countries have developed that system.

Only two of the ten big cities in the world have not developed the mass transportation system, and Jakarta is one of them, according to Lagleder. EuroCham is ready to cooperate with Indonesia in the development of the mass transportation system, he said.

Lagleder said he has forwarded a series of proposals for the development of the mass transportation system, but still faces bureaucratic constraints, like unclear regulation for the realization of the proposed projects.

EuroCham has also observed that the electricity and water sanitation sectors constitute a market that offers a bright prospect. Technology that has developed in Europe will be very helpful for the development of those sectors, Lagleder explained.

EuroCham has been established at the initiative of 25 European companies and four national chambers of commerce and industry that operate in Indonesia. This organization functions as means of accommodating business communities and members of the European Union in Indonesia.

Established on May 11, 2004, EuroCham now has 83 members. They will open communications with the Indonesian government on various fields like chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as financial, telecommunications, transportation, water sanitation, legal and taxation sectors.(*)
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