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George Orwell
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#35062 - 30 Oct 06 06:41 Obsession The Movie
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
There is new movie coming out that has already been nominated for many film festival awards.
It's entitled:


Check out the video previews on this page.


Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#35063 - 30 Oct 06 06:46 Re: Obsession The Movie [Re: riccardo]
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
This is also from the film's website.....


Want to get more involved? Here are 6 ideas:

1. Become informed
2. Respond to bias when you see it
3. Be a pro-active member of your community
4. Help Others
5. Think about whatís important to you
6. Live whatís important to you

1. Become informed

A. Get clear on what is really happening in the world. Read Daniel Pipes, the Center for Security Policy, Jihad Watch, and other reputable online sources (such as and , ed.).
B. See how the Arab media presents events. MEMRI ( and and Palestinian Media Watch (, provide important translations of the Arabic media. It's a real eye-opener!

2. Respond to bias when you see it

A. When you see news stories that provide excuses for Islamist terror against American or other targets, or that reflect an anti-Western bias without showing the whole picture, organize a letter writing campaign pointing out the mistake. Groups like Honest Reporting can help provide tools for recognizing and responding to bias in the media.
B. Many college students have found themselves under the gun by professors and student groups who attack their ideals, Western foreign policy, and similar, without giving any attention to the other side of the story, or often misrepresenting it. In one notorious incident at Concordia University, Palestinian student leaders fomented a riot to prevent a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu from taking place. When you see these kinds of things going on, you can join with other students to effect positive change, and work to foster a true free exchange of ideas that has often been stifled by this kind of bias. Organizations that can provide information, resources and useful links: Campus Watch, Academic Bias, Students for Academic Freedom, Hasbara Fellowships, Stand with Us, and The David Project.
C. Point out hypocrisy when you see it. When various organizations protest alleged desecration of the Quran, but ignore actual persecution of Christians by Saudi Arabia (and others), stand up and say something. Write letters to the editor. Organize a sit-in outside their offices, and invite your local TV News stations to come and watch.

3. Be a pro-active member of your community

A. When you see legislation that benefits radical Islamic and terror supporting regimes, and does nothing to help the populations being abused by them, help your friends and colleagues write letters to your congressional representatives, telling your elected official to oppose such legislation.
B. Moderate Muslims: You can create watchdog groups monitoring what is being taught and disseminated in their mosques, schools, and local and national organizations. You can work together to keep hate-propaganda out of your communities, and guarantee that the values which are important to you, are taught and upheld.

4. Help Others

A. Show "Obsession" to politicians and other local leaders. Your views as a citizen are important to your elected representatives. Write a short, personal email with a subject line like: "Thank you for standing up for Western Values." After the film is released on DVD, you can also host showings with post-show discussions. For more information, contact us at
B. Help victims of terror and oppressive regimes. Support organizations like Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, One Family Fund, Surgir and others.

5. Think about whatís important to you

Spend some serious time thinking about the values that are important to your community. For example: Education, Justice and Equality, and Social Responsibility. Why are they important? How do we, as a people, express them? Discuss it with your friends and colleagues at school and in the workplace. If youíre a parent or teacher, engage your kids in ways that will encourage them to think about our shared values, and some of the ways different cultures around the world express them.

6. Live whatís important to you
But the biggest defense against this threat is to stand strong, and not only think about our shared values. We should also be proud of them, and strive to bring them into our lives. We should be equally as zealous as a suicide bomber, to choose to live a life of truth and meaning. Remind yourself daily that you can stand up and say thereís a right and a wrong, and thatís okay, and youíre not being intolerant or narrow-minded. One can be open-minded and still recognize that some beliefs, when expressed over and over to a captive audience, can lead to violence.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.


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