From Yosef Ardi

Off to China again, balancing act

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) starts a five-day visit to China today, mainly to strengthen economic ties between the two countries, just weeks ahead of US president George Bush's visit to Jakarta and days after VP Jusuf Kalla visit US.

Last year, both the president and VP visited China. SBY also visited US last year. SBY will meet Chinese PM Hu Jintao, the fourth meeting between the two leaders. SBY will score the same amount of meetings with Bush next month. Balancing act, to take benefit from the competition between the superpowers, hopefully.
As reported today, the president is scheduled to witness the signing of cooperation agreements worth US$4.5 billion between Indonesia and Chinese companies in energy sector. No details available so far.
One thing, China energy giants such as CNOOC and Petrochina, have been agressively invested in Indonesia's oil and gas sector even though the scale of their operations are still insignificant compared to US giants such as Chevron or ExxonMobil.
I'm pretty sure, Bush will take with him these giants to Jakarta next month. Whatever, such competition, especially between US and China energy giants, should be good for the country.
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