Pertamina to provide free bio-diesel supply for Idul Fithri

Jakarta (Antara News) - As part of efforts to introduce bio-diesel, Indonesia`s state oil/gas company Pertamina will give free supply of 90,000 liters of bio-diesel to those serving Lebaran/Idul Fithri public transport.

"We want to introduce bio-diesel to the public as fuel produced from vegetable oil has various advantages since this fuel is friendly to the environment and renewable," Pertamina Managing Director Arie Sumarno said here.

The free supply of bio-diesel is also intended to help people visit their hometowns and villages and expedite coordination of the Lebaran transport service, according to Sumarno.

The 90,000 liters of bio-diesel worth about Rp387 million will be distributed to some 600 units of DAMRI and Hiba Utama buses that will serve free Lebaran transport in and during the forthcoming Idul Fithri post fasting holidays.

Pertamina has initiated cooperation with various companies or institutions involved in activities to introduce bio-diesel, including cooperation in the provision of Lebaran transport service for those visiting their hometowns and villages, he said.

He was speaking when witnessing the departure of 250 units of Lebaran buses with approximately 15,000 passengers in the parking lot of the Kemayoran Jakarta fair grounds in North Jakarta, managed by PT Sido Muncul, a producer of herbal drugs.

The marketing of bio-diesel was launched in Jakarta on May 20, 2006 at the same price as that of subsidized diesel oil. Today, bio-diesel is sold through 186 gas stations in Jakarta and Surabaya. (*)
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