Network Access Providers to Provide 45 Mbps Bandwidths
Wednesday, 18 October, 2006 | 15:12 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunication at the Information and Communication Department is obligating network access providers (NAPs) to provide minimum international bandwidths of 45 megabytes per second.

Gatot S. Dewa Broto, spokesperson of the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunication, said that this minimum bandwidth obligation was aimed at increasing the NAPs’ bargaining position with hub owners abroad.

This is so they can obtain cheaper prices so that Internet access prices for members of the general public can also become cheaper.

“For bandwidth prices to be cheap, the amount of international bandwidths to be bought must be significant,” said Gatot in Jakarta, yesterday (17/10).

Therefore, the minimum bandwidth arrangement to be provided by the NAPs is necessary.

Bandwidth is the size that shows how much data that can pass through a network connection.

Its relation to account hosting is the more frequent a website is visited and the more active download or upload process at the website, the larger the bandwidth that is needed.

Gatot explained that the current NAPs are being given the opportunity to make adjustments over a period of one year.

The international minimum bandwidth makes it possible for NAPs to obtain terrestrial radio station licenses.

NAPs can obtain terrestrial radio station licenses for using satellites with at least one transponder, following the revision of the Information and Communication Ministerial Regulation No.13/P/M.KOMINFO/8/2005 on Telecommunication Providers that Use Satellites.

The policy which is to be put into effect also regulates NAPs not to directly serve end-users such as corporate and retail.

NAPs will only serve Internet Service Provider (ISP), and ISPs will serve end-users.

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