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President appeals to domestic investors to invest their capital in home country. “I read in many mass media that Indonesian entrepreneurs also invest in many countries. There is indeed, no restriction in our regulation, and it’s legal. People said that capital does not have nationalism. Come to the country where there is a good investment climate.

Nevertheless I morally appeal that our country still needs capitals, still need investments. My hope is in reference to our effort to improve our investment climate, in reference to our effort to reduce poverty and unemployment. I appeal to our fellows who could do business in our own country to invest, let’s use this opportunity as best as we could,” said President in his press statement after consultation and coordination meeting with the Economic Team in President’s Office, on Friday (6/10).

President also asked all staffs of the central and regional government to reduce high cost. “I also asked all staffs of central and regional government not to let our high-cost economy keeps continue in this country. Permission and treatment on industry sector in the future have to be better because we need awareness on industry sector to create many job opportunities for our people. Therefore, I hope we can join to contribute in creating investment climate and so that everything could run well,” said President.

President explained that development component in second quarter are export and government expense. “Development component in the second quarter which has reached 5,22% actually was contributed mainly by export and then government consumption or government expense, government spending, government expenditure, “said President in the press release, accompanied by Coordinating Minister for the Economy Boediono, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, and Governor of Bank Indonesia Burhanuddin Abdullah.

“Of course, we still want those investments also contribute more significantly besides consumption. If our purchasing power recovers better, if jobs opportunities are opened wider so that our people have more capability to consume, therefore the development can be contributed strongly in the future, either by consumption factor, investment factor, government expense factor, or export factor. Alhamdulillah our export has developed well, likewise government investment in second quarter also rolls well. However, once again, we hoped that investment can be more developed in the future, especially private investment. I know there are some problems that we must resolve together regarding this investment sector, “said President.

“The first is we must make a package of investment climate improvement successful. It is our duty, because if there is a good climate, law is certain, economic policy is right and, then politic stability is better. The security all over the country is better, government is responsive, the permission is not long winded, not expensive, either central or regional therefore if all of investment climate is good, I’m sure that in the following years and months there will be an improvement in investment sector, “continued by President.

“And so does the infrastructure, we realized if the infrastructure is insufficient, it can decrease our competitiveness. Therefore, we continuously increase infrastructure development, especially something which is really needed, such as electricity. The government is planning a program to build a steam-powered electric generator with 10.000-megawatt capacity which is meant to be the solution not only for the investment but also for houses, industries, commercials and others,” said President again.

“So the construction of roads, harbors, quays and telecommunications will be increased continually in the future. About tax, we know that tax is a good fiscal incentive to develop the business sector and we are heading toward to it. Hopefully, the new tax law will later go in to the direction. I hope the policy of Bank Indonesia to reduce the interest rate will make a new opportunity. I think what we are able to do now, can be started once again for the rise of business sector, rise of real sector, that we really hope to be the growth component of our economy, “the President said.

“In this case, we are thankful that the government export and expenses are able to contribute our economic growth. However, I am still anxious because the investment is not move yet as we hope. And I ask the business sector, especially our domestic business sector, to also have a total commitment to develop the economy, so that job opportunities are created and as a result we hope that poverty is decreased, relating with the growth component and also my hope for the business sector,“ the President said.
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