Chinese products dominate Indonesia's electronic market

Jakarta (Antara News) - Some 45 different brands of electronic products made in China dominate Indonesian market, along with those of Japanese and Korean brands.

"Many Chinese products are available in Indonesia. There are around 45 brands," Heru Santoso of the Indonesian Electronic Businessman Association (GABEL) said here on Wednesday.

Among the Chinese brands were Akira (for television, washing machine, AC and refrigerator), TCL (for television, washing machine, and AC), Midea (for AC), Gree (AC), and Fujian (also AC), he said.

Other made-in-China product brands included Plasma (for television and AC), Little Swan (television and washing machine), Usatech (washing machine), Konka (television), Advance (television), Hisense (television), Panda (television), and Kawachi (television).

Some 34 brands of electronic products made in Japan, North Korea and Indonesia had been available in Indonesian market earlier than those from China, he added.

"Of the total 34 brands, only 18 companies have their factories in Indonesia," He Santoso said.

Apart from Asian products, there were also products from European countries and the United States being marketed in Indonesia, he explained.

Among the European products were Ariston, Bosch, and Mistral, while from the US included GE, Maytag, and RCA, he added.

Electronic products are quite potential on the Indonesia market. GABEL has predicted that by the year 2010, the demand for electronic products will increase significantly.

By 2010, the demands for television will likely reach 9.3 million units, refrigerators 2.8 million units, washing machines 2.2 million units and Air Conditioner (AC) around 2.1 million units, in Indonesia.

"Indonesia`s electronic industry should prepare for the expected increasing demands by developing strong supporting component industry to improve the competitiveness," he said.

The country`s dependency on import of electronic components is quite high so far, especially for the production of television, refrigerator, AC and washing machine. (*)
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