Dutch bizman to invest in Aloe Vera Plantation in Bali

Denpasar, Bali (Antara News) - A Dutch businessman, Henk Swanberg, said he was planning to invest in an Aloe Vera plantation in Bali Island.

Bali Island was a suitable place to develop and cultivate Aloe Vera, Swanberg said here on Tuesday.

He told Bali Governor Dewa Beratha that his government supported his plan to invest in the tourist destination area.

The Dutch businessman believed that Aloe Vera which is a raw material to manufacture certain medicines and cosmetics had bright prospects in the world market.

Governor Dewa Beratha welcomed Swanberg`s plan as it would be able to create new job opportunities in Bali. He promised to facilitate the issuance of the necessary permits for developing the Dutchman`s business in Bali.(*)
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