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#33634 - 06 Sep 06 17:34 Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
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There was this preposterous story in THE AGE from a Conservative Aussie woman SUPPORTING RUU APP AND SHARIA IN INDONESIA! She says she feels that way because Oz has become too oversexed and MTV offends her.

I appreciate her concerns, and as a father of a baby girl in Indonesia, am equally put off by the soft-porn MTV videos, BUT she is doing a serious disservice to the millions of modern-thinking women of Indonesia -- especially the 14% of non-Muslim women.

She says: "...(Indonesian women's) objections to the bill are the restrictions it would impose on women's clothing and behaviour..."

That is way too shallow and simple thinking on her behalf.

The women's rights activists here in Indonesia are righfully angry because these laws she is supporting, attribute all male deviance and perversion and rape to the "evil temptress woman". Many of these "men" have no capacity whatsoever to take responsibility for their own lustful thoughts and sexually perverted behavior. The chief prophet of Islam viewed women as a source of evil and sin over 1,500 years ago and today's Muslims still unquestioningly see that backward thinking as true and appropriate.

This law's entire focus and basis, presumes this underlying belief; that women are the source of evil and temptation and thus CREATE perversion and rapists. If any woman (indeed any human with a brain) hopes a law based upon those fallacious assumptions gets passed, I truly pity that person.
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#33635 - 06 Sep 06 18:39 Re: Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
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Pujangga Besar

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To bloody right.

Introduce Sharia law ASAP.

then, we offer refugee status to any cute sexy girl who is offended about not being able to wear micro miniskirts and G string, or see through tops and no bra.....

Of course all the Indo men arenít affected - so they can all fuck off and stay in Indo.

#33636 - 07 Sep 06 00:22 Re: Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
juminten Offline
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i dont care, as long as they leave bali ALONE!!! or we'll break away.
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#33637 - 07 Sep 06 10:53 Re: Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
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What else? Now I agree with you Riccardo...since the bill doesnít tell us what is the main idea behind the Bill.Just take a look for this case the Bill limits womenís access to work. For instance, the area of the Bill which penalizes women who return home late isnít fair to women who arenít prostitutes but work late none the less. So the Bill is a constraint rather than a push factor for women to work. the Bill seems one-sided and a disadvantage to women some proponents of this Bill are backing it just to gain political mileage; they just want to gain the support of the Islam groups. The Bill is nothing really to do with the real problems in Indonesia.
There a lots of the other important things in this country needs to concern, so what about "Kawin kontrak" matter etc....where is the voice of Ulema about this???? confused shoot
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#33638 - 07 Sep 06 12:04 Re: Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
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Pujangga Besar

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Islamic law always works like this. deliberately obscure laws that can be used for almost anything. then it is up to the clerics who push for certain interpretations to suit themselves.

Dont worry, they will bring it to Australia within 25 years......

#33639 - 27 Sep 06 02:49 Re: Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
cherry-picker Offline

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Look, folks, Australia should learn from the "guest-worker" debacle that Germany experienced ... Turks were invited in to do the menial jobs ... then they stayed (although their wonderful home-country beckoned ... sometimes the infidels' lands are more interesting, after all)! And all the other Islamic migration to Germany has been a disaster .... Kurds torching themselves on an Autobahn, stopping thousands of cars, Albanian fruitcakes attacking German families with hammers (you read right ... with hammers) in the townships that have granted them refugee status! Some years ago Germany had taken 1000 "refugees" a day .... that's a lot of mouths to feed ... and I have NOTHING against charity ... but many of these people who, the moment they enter Germany, get an allowance, an apartment, free this-and-that, and still go out and try to ruin a hard-working and successful culture by their own inability to eke out a living!

I don't like right-wing fruitcakes, but at least one can understand the frustrations of the people .... for it is they that have to iron out the crinks that the politically-correct bureaucrats have put in place with their starchy policies.

But Germany today ....oh, what a major headache! Millions of Turks (they brought some more, many more good believers from back home), many of them semi-literatre and unemployable, running around on steroids .... I was shocked when I saw in Frankfurt discos with signs "No Turks" -- then I spoke to some people ... Turks don't like to be rebuffed by German girls, and so they like to pull the switch-blade (phallic phantasies, after all) and to show everyone the peanut size of their brain!

Now fast-forward to the Lebanese and Arabic gangs in Sydney .... once again on steroids, torn between the free life (which includes sex) and the other bullshit ... the result: pathological behaviour towards the "white" girls they desire and despise ....

Australia should close the doors on migration from Muslim lands: CLOSE IT NOW -- otherwise, 20 years down the track, the Aussie government (and that's all of us) has to fear the Islamic vote ...
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#33640 - 30 Sep 06 21:09 Re: Pole Dancing or Sharia hmmm??
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ok ladies, smile now ...

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