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#33523 - 01 Aug 06 01:32 Indonesia on wrong side AGAIN..
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The government and people of Indonesia have once again turned their attentions away from a myriad of crises at home and fixated on "The Zionist Regime" far away.

Condemnation of Israel's air strike on Qana came much faster than the condemnation (which I'm still waiting for) of the massacres in East Timor, Aceh, Papua, the Bali bombs, the Christian schoolgirl beheadings in Sulawesi and all of the FPI attacks.

Hmmmm... curiouser and curiouser the wise man asks.

And what Indonesian muzzies just completely fail to understand is the factual evidence that Terrorist Hizbollah F^*KS were using that building in Qana as a main rocket launching pad to kill Israeli civilians and FORCING CHILDREN TO BE HUMAN SHIELDS (a serious war crime) in the building.

It has now become clear, with video evidence, that Israel hit the launchers on top of the building with a precision strike. BUT because it was also being used by Hizbollah terrorists as a massive rockets/armaments storage depot (hence the kids as human shields), a chain reaction occurred and all their stored weapons in the building exploded and took the whole thing down.

The hideous, sinister thing is that these Hizbollah F*%KS Forced those people to stay there, even after multiple warnings from Israel to leave. These muzzie animals USED those kids, MURDERED THEM, just so they could get this worldwide sympathy, and get a cease-fire, to regroup after getting annihilated for 2 weeks.
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#33524 - 01 Aug 06 09:14 Re: Indonesia on wrong side AGAIN..
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Pujangga Besar

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As much as I hate Hezbollah, I really don’t think they forced people to stay. The truth is probably a combination of two things….

Firstly, it really isn’t safe to move about in Southern Lebanon. Israeli aircraft are hitting any major road convoys – since they are frequently Hezbollar supply columns…

Secondly, the Arabs are notoriously stupid about safety and common sense. You only have to live with them for a short time to see this. They drive like idiots!!! A typical way of celebrating an event is to walk outside and spray the sky with your AK47 (probably killing someone in the next suburb).

Although it is hard to comprehend as a Westerner, I could quite see this bunch of morons sitting there in the blind faith that they are safe next to a Hezbollah missile launcher. Lets face it, this is the same bunch of morons who cheered every time Hezbollah launch a new missile into Israel, without thinking or caring about what Israel would do in response.

Arabs are too stupid to survive…..

#33525 - 01 Aug 06 09:18 Re: Indonesia on wrong side AGAIN..
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Pujangga Besar

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On the other hand, given Indonesia’s myriad of problems, you would think they would have better things to do than worry about events in the Middle East.

Starving children, beggars, no health care, no ambulances, no fire engines, piss poor transport, rampant corruption, all endemic in Indonesia, but the real issue is 30 dead children 10,000 kilometres away. frown frown

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it isn’t Arabs who are stupid. Maybe its Indonesians….


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