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#33441 - 05 Jul 06 19:13 Sharapova: Nudity on Grass
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A streaker interrupted play by doing a cartwheel on Centre Court at Wimbledon yesterday during the quarter-final match between Russian beauties Maria Sharapova and Elena Dementieva.

The man, who appeared to be in his late twenties and was completely naked except for white trainers and black socks, [img][/img] came on to the court on Sharapova's side and did a cartwheel.

Security staff came on to the court immediately and held out a large red blanket which he charged at before being wrapped up and ushered away, to great applause from the crowd.

Sharapova turned her back to the streaker during his performance while her opponent appeared to smile. [img][/img]

Play resumed after a matter of minutes with Sharapova one set ahead.The streaker was revealed to be 29-year-old Sander Lantinga from Berkhout, North Holland, in the Netherlands, who had been sat two rows back from the court.

He had been wearing an outfit held together with velcro that he was able to whip off in a matter of seconds.

A friend confirmed it had been a stunt for a Dutch television programme called, Try Before You Die.

Lantiga has worked at MTV and is also a DJ at 3FM radio in Holland.

A spokesman from the All England Club said procedures would be reviewed following the incident.

"The security operation at Wimbledon starts outside the grounds with the x-ray searching of bags, electronic detector arches and body searching," he said.

There is almost a tradition of on court streakers at Wimbledon.

In 2004, serial streaker Naomi McDonald stunned fans on Court 19 by sprinting on topless during British junior star Miles Kasiri's win over New Zealander William Ward.

In 2002, with men's finalists Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian just back on Centre Court after a rain delay, serial streaker Mark Roberts cavorted around naked for nearly a minute.

And in 1996, 23-three-year-old student Melissa Johnson stole the limelight at the Wimbledon men's singles final. As Richard Krajicek and MaliVai Washington posed for pre-match pictures, Johnson grabbed the attention of many of the flashlights as she lifted up her mini apron.

I think he gorgeous!

- Joy, Wembley, UK

What an idiot!

- Peter, France

I disagree Linda. 30 years ago as a young mum I used to worry about my children, the cold war, bombs at the Ideal Home Exhibition etc., bills and the mortgage, and gawd knows what else. These days it seems I worry even more about my children and grandchildren. I worry about the world in general, bombs and wars and stuff and bills and the mortgage etc. Anything that gives us a bit of a harmless giggle is great to see.

- Carolyn, Belleville Canada

He at least did not have a hidden weapon.

- Bob Cooper, Hornchurch England

What measures would Wimbeldon take?
Perhaps scan every individual to see if they are naked underneath their clothes?

- Martin, Ljubljana, Slovenia

It's harmless fun and stopped the awful sound of Sharapova for a while (giving the spectators eardrums a rest - thank goodness for volume controls on TV )

- Thomas Ede, Houghton-le-Spring England

Isn't this simply an old English tradition!

- Alex, Groningen, Netherlands

Is there "equality" in streaking – i.e. would a woman who similarly stripped naked on the court face the same indecency charges as he does? Or is this another case of sex discrimination to add to the injustice of men being paid far less for the sets they play at Wimbledon than women.

- Kevin, Essex, UK

Trainers and socks - not completely naked then!

- Freddie, Northants

Harmless fun. Why do the English get so het up about nudity. What is more natural?

- Allan Green, UK

What is more important than this exhibitionists streaking is that it destroys the players concentration and damages Wimbeldon. The Police and Wimbeldon should take a hard line with this man to discourage others. Can Players sue if they feel that this man had cost them the match?

- David, Chester UK

Linda, what about folks who were not born 30 years ago? Isn't the current generation entitled to some fun? At least it got a lovely smile out of Elena Dementieva who otherwise had a poor day!

Here in the US, the reaction to any nudity on TV is frightingly paranoid; luckily European attitudes are more healthy and normal.

- Vikram, Mountain View, USA

Harmless fun, Allan? There were kids in that crowd, were yours amongst them? Would you call it harmless fun if they were or would your standards change? Would you condone this debauched behaviour then?

- Steve Webster, Amsterdam, Netherlands

It maybe just my English reserve, but I would like to know what’s so natural about stripping off Velcro trousers then cart-wheeling across a tennis game in front of thousands of people and TV cameras?
Never seen that mating ritual covered by David Attenborough before.

- Matt Singleton, Chelmsford, Essex

If my children had been there with me, we would all have had a good laugh about it. There is nothing wrong with the naked human body and if it were not such a taboo maybe sex crimes would drop. Countries where nudity is seen as the norm have much lower sex attacks than we do.

- Cathy, Watford, England

Nice bum!

My kids know what a human body looks like. It is sexual things we need to protect our kids from until they are old enough. Not bodies.

I think it's just funny.

- Gabi, Stuttgart, Germany
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#33442 - 05 Jul 06 19:17 Re: Sharapova: Nudity on Grass
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Is it just me, or can you guys also see a bit of wetness developing on Sharapova's inner thighs in that photo above??

For more on Sharapova's streaking go to this link, a full series of photos, including the cartwheel.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#33443 - 05 Jul 06 20:19 Re: Sharapova: Nudity on Grass
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I think the assistant lady in the photograph is wetting herself laughing.
Note to self-must take up tennis!

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#33444 - 05 Jul 06 22:58 Re: Sharapova: Nudity on Grass
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"The naked intrusion" of Wimbledon's Centre Court has apparently sent shockwaves all the way to Buckingham Palace. The Queen called in her loyal subordinates requesting a nice fat German Salami, even though she'd just eaten....

We'll see how that works out then.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.


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