I, for good or for ill, see clearly what is going on in Aceh. First, they are a fiercely independent nation of people, who always resisted subjugation, by the Javanese Sultans, the Dutch Colonialists and now the Jakarta/Java neo-colonialists. They practice a peaceful, sincere brand of Islam and just want FREEDOM. They all want the Indo. Military (50,000 rights abusing rapists, pillagers and murderers from Java) to leave their proud, ancient homeland. The Jakarta Military is there for one purpose: to profit and plunder all the resources including oil, natural gas, naturally growing cannibis and women and children trafficking to sex rings around the world. The Indonesian (Java) neo-colonialist military are just a bunch of government-sponspored thugs plundering the nation of Aceh. Acehnese people are very articulate, well-read and down-to-earth. They have always lived in relative wealth due to they're fertile land and hard-working spirit, but now are one of the most impoverished people groups in the world, all due the the raping, pillaging, plunder and abuse by Indonesian (javanese) military.

That, in a nutshell is the story of Aceh.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.