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#32811 - 15 Jun 06 12:43 Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant
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Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant
Jalan Jaksa No.15 C
Phone: 021-391 3830
Hours: 24 hours

Le Margot is a place well worth considering if you require accommodation that is a little more than just a place to crash, but is also clean and affordable. The Margot Hotel is one of Jaksa’s two better class of hotel and well known to tourists, local foreign residents, and even a smattering of foreign businesspeople.

Tucked a little off the street down a small road, it has 34 rooms equipped with double bed, air con, cable TV and hot water showers (water actually flows, and the hot water is actually hot …). The prices rooms are only Rp 150,000.

It is a fairly discreet, easy-going place, and people are not judged on the company they may choose to take to their room.

The adjoining cafe has seen better days, but is also used to provide the room service for hotel patrons, which has a small menu with some Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng -fried rice- and Western food like sandwiches and omelets, at low to middling prices. They also serve Chinese dishes.

Nick, a tourist from Canada, said: “I like to spend my time here, because it’s clean, the food is good and the prices are very reasonable. Above all, the place is very comfy to hang out”.

There is also a laundry service and 24-hour room service. Cars can also be rented from here.
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#37706 - 04 Dec 06 01:33 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: KuKuKaChu]
basbou Offline

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I agree, Margot is a nice place to stay. Most things work (cable TV may or may not work, but hey...). Have stayed there a number of times the later years, and am as happy there as on larger hotels.

By the way, the room price rose to 170,000 earlier this year, but it is still value for money...

#43835 - 08 Feb 07 01:43 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: basbou]
willyankie Offline

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Agree, the place to stay in Jaksa, staff are cool and don't ask questions, good view from the top floor.
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#43980 - 08 Feb 07 11:28 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: willyankie]
kareltjuhh belanda Offline

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nice but very expensive. This hotel has grown out of the normal tourist class to an expensive business hotel. Shame, most people cant affort this hotel anymore.

#43986 - 08 Feb 07 12:41 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: kareltjuhh belanda]
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I just spent two days here to escape the floods. It's all very small and you need crampons to climb the stairs. But indeed no questions asked if you're with a pigeon. They used to have porn available on the room TVs, not sure if it's still online
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#45649 - 21 Feb 07 02:20 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: garam]
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Ha,..Margot Hotel,..
mmhhh it's remind me to one of my friend from OZ last year,.when I and my friend will get a little journey to Tanjung Priok to take some photos of an old train station, and oldies buildings in Jakarta and around.I visited him and I waited for him in the lobby room before we go,.and he told me while shown me something in the frame. Kind like the regulations for the hotel guest who spent the night there. I asked him why he looked interested with the thing on his hand,.he said because it's very funny,.but crazy,.,.oh how's that?,.

Then he show me the frame,..he said he wants to buy the frame. It's more wondering for me to take a look. Yes after I read it carefully,..I bet I can say it’s funny and crazy.

Why funny : because the framed regulations were written in two version, Indonesian and English languages. But seems they translated Indo to English as not as should be. They only translated in the “real meaning” of every words. In fact,.sometimes English language was made by two words then will come up a meaning. Unfortunately the management offered him unbelievable pricing, knowing he was a tourist.

Why crazy : because the regulation of course was there for the visitors and mostly are speaking in English I believe. It means the regulation is for public, how dare they “didn’t" check and re checked before fixing it on the wall to let tourists read. Besides,.the hotel management of course expected them to understand the regulations. But how come if the language/sentence and words are wrong. And you know what guys,.the frame was fixed on their walls (in every hotel room) for years,.and probably nobody noticed, or may be they noticed but just let it be..for years,. If you guys one day spend the night in Margot Hotel,.please you check it out by yourself then read them carefully, least a big smile will bloom ,..or buy it one as my friend wanna do to collect as a souvenir.

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#45681 - 21 Feb 07 08:45 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: kucinggemuk]
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understantood..understood.. smile

sometimes also we did the same thing wink

sometimes we wrote some words in Bahasa to English or Inglish to Bahasa and maybe alots of people reading that...

see, the narator on Trans Jakarta..i heard that the english was not correct smile and also some publishers on the street wasn't correct!

I just wonder sometimes...why Indo people proudly to announce in English..??? we're's our matherland..we're living here in Indonsia...but why we proud of Inglish language???

why we must write WELCOME TO JAKARTA..kenapa tidak SELAMAT DATANG DI JAKARTA aja wink

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#45824 - 23 Feb 07 03:27 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: Jokie Jokie Girl]
kucinggemuk Offline

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Well,.lots of similar things happen,.
I like traveling around the city sometimes just to "watch" the happening around the society. Just to see the real life. I like taking pictures also of them. May be some people never recognize about what’s happening around them, where they are living.

One day I visit Pasar Baru to find shoes,.(as it’s a center of shoes stores,. In Jakarta I think). When I finished it, I walked along the way of Pasar Baru area.. then turn left around the book store then turned the left to find something a warung or kind café to drink something refreshed my mouth (it was a hot day,.),. Then on the left side,.I was interested to something written in big size ,..”kofi haus”,.. what the,…..(not clear coffee house or café house)

Then I suspect the owner actually wanna write “ café house”,…But,…I never know what exactly reason why they did that. As I remember,.few years ago,.(Suharto’s era),. I used to know that the government had a regulation in “public writing”..(eg. Billboard, building’s name, ..etc,.),.should be written in “bahasa Indonesia”,..
Then some people acted kind stupid or,.. EGP (Emang Gue Pikirin), or ,..”behave idiotically”.

The examples I have found such as like :
- Mulia Center building changed to “ Sentra Mulia”
- Coffee House changed to “kofi haus”
- Kelapa Gading Boulevard changed to “Kelapa Gading Bolevar”
- Grand Melia Hotel changed to “Hotel Gren Melia”
- Spare part changed to sperpat (hehehe are you kidding me?!)
- Etc,..

Then you are right JJG,..
Better written in the original language (no matter in English or Indonesian or other languages in the world),.but you should write in the right way,.right word. I think it's much better than being "behave idiotically"..just for the trend or follow the stupid rules.

Because,..indeed it will confusing everyone,..

"We are born with two eyes in front because we must not always look behind"

"I am the fat cat and steady in my 70 kilos weight, no doubt"

#45825 - 23 Feb 07 03:31 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: kucinggemuk]
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my favorite is still "piss salon" in jalan jaksa
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#45856 - 23 Feb 07 05:21 Re: Le Margot Hotel, Bar and Restaurant [Re: chewwyUK]
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to have your hair done Cheewy? wink
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