Government Optimistic that Growth of Exports Reach 17 Percent
Friday, 06 October, 2006 | 14:26 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The government is optimistic that by the end of year export growth will reach 17 percent. This number is higher than the target stated in the mid- term development plan until 2009, which was between eight and ten percent.

We are optimistic that the growth of 14 to 16 percent can be reached. Perhaps 17 (at the end of year) if its constant, said Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu in Jakarta, yesterday (5/10).

She explained that currently the total of national export growth of 17 percent comprises non-oil and gas export growth by 17 percent and industry growth by 14 percent. The high export growth, said Mari, is not only supported by the high oil and gas export value, but also by non-oil and gas exports.

The rise of exports was begun to be felt in May, reaching US$8.34 billion. Then in June it rose to US$8.48 billion. July and August, it increased to US$882 billion and US$8.89 billion. From the export aspect, Mari was certain it will come close to US$100 billion during 2006.

By the current trend of US$64 billion (data of the Central Statistics Bureau BPS, export value during January-August 2006 was US$64.63 billion), that means monthly export value is US$8 billion. In other words, the remaining four months equals US$32 billion. So it can come close to US$100 billion, she said. The commodities undergoing export rises are rubber and oil palm

RR Ariyani
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