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#32541 - 30 Sep 06 08:20 GOI/Kalla satisfied with US visit
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From Government of Indonesia portal


Vice President Jusuf Kalla Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated that he was satisfy and very optimistic with the result of his visit to the US and his meeting with the Vice President of the US Dick Cheney and the officials as well as the “big shots” entrepreneurs of the superpower country.

“The result of the visit is not for a short term. Moreover, I don’t event think that the government of SBY-JK will also enjoy the result since it will be enjoyed by the people after 2009,” he said in a press conference after ending 14 meetings with the American officials and entrepreneurs in Washington DC, on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (27/9) West Indonesian Time Zone (WIB).

Although he looked so tired because of the around 30 marathon meetings since he started the visit four days ago, Kalla seemed to be happy.

Besides with Cheney, all day long Kalla held marathon meetings with Minister of Finance Henry Paulson, Minister of Trade Carlos Gutierez, Minister of Foreign Affairs Condolezza Rice, Commerce Representative of the US Susan Schwab, National Security Councelor Stephen Hadley, and IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato.

The higher-rank officials of the US came one by one to Ritz Carlton Hotel where the Indonesian delegation was staying.

Yet, for the meeting with Cheney, Kalla had to meet the second important person in the US at his office in the White House. For the other officials, they were the ones who visited Kalla. It proved that Kalla was really a respected state visitor.

However, the commitments and supports obtained by Kalla from the officials and entrepreneurs of the US needed a follow-up. His economic diplomacy result could not be experienced soon by the Indonesian nation.

“The important thing is that we give optimism to the people. An economic success cannot be measured in the short term. If we measure it in the short term, it will be dangerous,” he said. For instance, if it’s announced that tomorrow there will be two millions dollar investment from USA companies coming, then we invest it in capital market, and after that it’s done.

“But that’s not what we’re looking for in America. We want long-term investments, he said.

“For short-term investment, you can speculate on the capital market. But it’s not good if only for short term. Whereas, investment in mining and oil and gas sectors may be long term such as in Cepu Block,” he explained.

According to Kalla, do not assume that the investment of USA and Pertamina in Cepu Block will be enjoyed by the government of SBY-JK since it will end in 2009.

“We don’t think of it. If we just think of next year’s result, we will be populists. It’s very dangerous,” he said.

Kalla claimed that a nation should have long-term thoughts. When investments enter, then economic growth will roll on and a good business climate will show up. With just having the investments enter, the impacts following are incredible.

At the meeting with Cheney, Kalla asked USA not to be suspicious and worried about Indonesia’s development. Some people of USA always wonder about the attitudes of radicalism or terrorism. Kalla explained that those happen when there’s economic injustice. The point is a nation’s economy must be strong.

Cheney supports Indonesia to be the world’s biggest democracy country populated by Muslims.
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#32542 - 30 Sep 06 09:05 Re: GOI/Kalla satisfied with US visit
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Originally posted by KuKuKaChu:
Cheney supports Indonesia to be the world’s biggest democracy country populated by Muslims.
what a classic final paragraph!! laugh must have been written by a former Jakarta Post journalist who moved to the GoI's PR office.
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#32543 - 30 Sep 06 10:49 Re: GOI/Kalla satisfied with US visit
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I guess they couldn't find a copy editor/proofreader. Gracious sakes, that is an embarrassment.

This is really an issue that most folks in RI do not seem to understand or see the importance of getting things right. I was doing research this week on Asian Internet development and came across the final documents from one of the recent Asia-Pacific ministerial meetings. Each country, via its minister, provided a "state of the Internet" paper for the conference, and while wading through dozens of perfectly written papers -- all in English -- from PNG, Laos, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia to Mexico, Mongolia, Malaysia and Myanmar, I was flabbergasted, and oddly kind of embarrassed, when I got to Indonesia's poorly written, mistake-laden paper that did not even address the issue, but instead begged for cash from the rich countries.

When will they see that language matters in this era of globalization? People make judgments all the time, and one read of something like these things can mean the difference between lots of FDI or little, as people gauge the government's seriousness and professionalism.
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