Indonesia's data storage market still wide open

Andi Haswidi, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Demand for data storage systems around the world will continue to increase, according to top data solutions provider Hitachi Data System, which also says that Indonesia has the fifth highest growth in Asia in the data storage field.

"The market for storage systems in Indonesia is still very big. According to figures from the IDC, current demand, which is worth about US$50 million, will increase to $70 million by 2008," said Hitachi country manager Edwin Lim on Wednesday.

International Data Corporation, or IDC, is a provider of market intelligence, advisory, and events services to the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.

Meanwhile, figures from Hitachi Japan says that the size of the total storage systems around the world is increasing by around 50 percent per year, meaning that it will grown from the current 100 terrabytes to 500 terrabytes in the next four years.

"Many of our customers, mostly big manufacturing firms, are experiencing this from year to year. Their data growth is very significant," Edwin said.

Also according to the figures, many of the underlying issues for large firms in relation to storage systems come from their need to establish transaction rates that keep getting faster due to ever-increasing connectivity and bandwidth, and the fact that technology is changing faster than the capitalization rate, meaning that the utilization of storage size is fairly low.

As a result, Edwin said, firms could be faced with serious efficiency problems.

"Many users are still depending on traditional data storage systems. We often advise them to migrate to better systems. That is where a Storage Area Network is important," he said.

A Storage Area Network is a system of data transfer between computer and storage elements, which consists of communications infrastructure that provides physical connections, and a management layer for organizing the connections, storage elements and computer systems so that data transfer is secure and robust.

"To maximize efficiency, we have introduced the AMS1000 and the NSC55 storage systems, which have advanced business-enabling capabilities."

The two systems bring unprecedented tiered storage capabilities to the mid-range market, enabling organizations to strategically align business applications and storage infrastructure so that cost, performance, reliability and availability can be matched to specific business requirements.

With approximately 2,900 employees, Hitachi Data Systems conducts business through direct and indirect channels in the public, government and private sectors in over 170 countries and regions.
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