Singaporean Entrepreneurs to Invest in Manufacturing
Friday, 22 September, 2006 | 14:49 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: A number of Singapore entrepreneurs intend to expand business partnerships in Indonesia especially in the areas of shipping , agroindustry and services. Agus Tjahajana, the Secretary General of the Department of Industry, said that Singaporean entrepreneurs are looking for industries that will support their businesses. “In addition to the manufacturing sectors, they see opportunities in services and finance,” he said yesterday (21/9).

The government, said Agus, will facilitate entrepreneur partnerships between the two countries and will create a conducive investment climate . “I hope that entrepreneurs of both countries will directly follow up with business meetings,” he said.

Budhi Dharmadi, the Directorate General of Industry, Transport Means, Electronics and Telematics, said that his party is targeting a partnership with Singapore in the component sector. “Cooperation includes the electronics industry, shipping and automotive parts. They need supplies from inside the country,” he said.

Arthur Ng, a Singaporean entrepreneur, said that the expected partnership is aimed at all business sectors. According to him, investment activity in Indonesia will be carried out in the form of inter-entrepreneur cooperation.

For the time being, the value of trade between Indonesia and Singapore reaches US$5.42 billion with the amount of investment of US$3.9 billion.

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