Anti Corruption Commission Requires Centralized Bank Customer Database
Thursday, 14 September, 2006 | 16:39 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Batam: The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has urged Bank Indonesia (BI) to create a centralized bank customer database in order to facilitate investigations into corruptors’ assets.

Taufiequrachman Ruki, Head of the KPK, said that so far law enforcers have experienced difficulties in finding evidence as a basis on which to sue corruptors.

Therefore, he said he hoped that the central bank could create a database of all national banking customers which can be accessed by law personnel.

“This is to facilitate in returning the assets (taken by the corruptors),” he said as read out by Syamsa Ardi Sasmita, Deputy for Information and KPK Data, during the “Banking Crimes Seminar” in Batam yesterday (13/9).

According to him, this centralized bank customer database should contain customers’ names, addresses, birth places and dates, account numbers and types as also the codes of financial service companies that are related.

“The data is static so that it does not burden the banking sector.”

Such bank customer databases, said Syamsa, are already owned by France and Germany to facilitate tracking the money of criminals.

France already has data on around 300 million accounts.

“This is already the standard in the international banking community,” he said.

Syamsa said that KPK is experiencing difficulties in cooperating and asking for information from the banking community.

Even response from national banks has been sluggish, for example new information requests are only replied to two weeks later at the earliest.

Thus, he said, the corruption suspect’s or defendant’s assets in banks have already been moved.

“In just one week, assets can have been moved around,” said Syamsa.

Gubernur Bank Indonesia Burhanuddin Abdullah mengatakan saat ini Bank Indonesia baru memiliki sistem database kredit. "Jadi usul tadi bagus dan bisa menjadi bahan diskusi yang menarik," katanya.

Burhanuddin Abdullah, BI Governor, said currently BI only possesses credit database system.
“So, this is a good idea and it can be an interesting discussion topic,” he said.

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