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The Visit of Indonesian Minister of Trade to Australia to Increase Trade and Investment

Australia still desires to increase trade and investment with Indonesia. That statement was the result of the meeting of the Indonesian Minister of Trade, Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu, with Australian Minister of Trade, Mark Vaile, and Australian businessmen during her visit to Australia, 8-15 August 2006.

The visit was the first conducted after both minister had signed Trade and Investment Framework on November 2005 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The visit also holds the purpose to increase the relationship of both countries.

In the meeting, Minister of Trade of both countries agreed amongst other: the need of strong commitment in increasing trade and investment of both countries, the will of Australia to assist Indonesian producer and exporter in the effort to meet the standard of Australian market on three main export commodities: wood products, agriculture products, and fishery.

To increase Australia investment in Indonesia, both sides agreed on several joint program of information and mission exchange that will rehabilitate the climate of trust between businessmen toward potential relations of both countries, conduct the joint program to promote Australia’s investment in Indonesia, increase quality of products, design and marketing of small-medium Indonesian enterprise.

Both Ministers also agreed on forming a Joint Expert Group to evaluate and formulate concepts and steps needed to increase economic and trade relations and investments of both countries.
The government and businessmen of Australia responded positively and stated their readiness to participate in the Infrastructure Conference that will be conducted in Jakarta on August 1-3, 2006.

Simultaneous meeting was also conducted by businessmen of both countries. In that meeting, amongst others, discusses policy and development of investment opportunity in all sectors in Indonesia. At the end of the meeting, businessmen addressed recommendations and commitment to respective Minister of Trade: increase the amelioration of investment climate in Indonesia; evaluation on whether Australia-Indonesia Free Trade Area is necessary; readiness of businessmen supporting small-medium enterprise, and; development and joint analysis of alternative energy industries.

Besides visiting Canberra, Indonesian Minister of Trade also conducted visits to Brisbane and Melbourne and was a speaker in a seminar “Business and Investment in Indonesia”.

The seminar received a positive response from Australian businessmen that want to expand their business to Indonesia. In general, Australian businessmen conveyed their trust in the amelioration of investment climate in Indonesia.
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