Advertising Expenditures for First Half of 2006 Decline
Friday, 28 July, 2006 | 16:31 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Advertising expenditures for the electronic and printed media for the first half of this year have decreased to Rp13.6 trillion. This is a four percent decline compared to the same period last year which totaled Rp14.2 trillion.

Ananto Pratikno, the Executive Director of Nielsen Media Research, said that the increase of the fuel price in October of last year has resulted in efficiency by all companies, including advertising. Expenditures on advertising have decreased since advertisers were waiting for the World Cup in Germany to end.

“Companies that spent a great deal on advertising were only those which sponsored the World Cup event,” Ananto said yesterday in Jakarta. However, it is possible that expenditures on advertising will again rise in the second half of this year.

Based on the composition, he said, television is still leading the expenditures of Rp9.2 trillion or 68 percent of the entire outlay of Rp13.6 trillion. However, television expenditures on advertising has decreased 6.5 percent compared to the same period of last year which totaled Rp9.8 trillion.

The decrease was also experienced by magazines, which only reached Rp573 billion or 12.8 percent decrease compared to the previous amount of RpRp657 billion. “However, newspaper expenditures on advertising has however increased 4.6 percent to Rp3.8 trillion compared to the previous amount of Rp3.7 trillion,” he said.

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