Losses Due to Yogya Disaster Estimated at Rp2.5 Trillion

Monday, 29 May, 2006 | 18:45 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Yogyakarta: It is estimated that losses due to Saturday’s tectonic earthquake throughout the Special District of Yogyakarta will reach Rp2.5 trillion.

However, this amount only includes damage to school buildings, government offices, stores, and people’s homes.

”It hasn’t been possible yet to estimate the value of the damage to the palace (keraton). But it must be very high due to the severe damage,” said Bambang Susanto, Regional Secretary of the Special District of Yogyakarta, yesterday (28/5).

The total losses will increase because the damage to transportation infrastructure like main roads and bridges has not yet been included.

Nevertheless, said Bambang, many cracked and damaged roads are not functioning, and many bridges have also been severely damaged due to Saturday’s earthquake, which measured 6.2 on the Richter scale.

The Provincial Natural Disaster Relief Unit reported that there are a total of 17,378 ruined houses in the province.

In Bantul, 7,054 houses were ruined damaged, in Sleman 560, in Yogyakarta city 769, in Kulonprogo 3,023 houses, and in Gunung Kidul 2,745 houses.

The number of ruined and heavily damaged schools is 14, and office buildings 23.

As regards houses of worship, such as mosques and churches, 15 were ruined or severely damaged there, and another 25 were damaged.

The Natural Disaster Relief Unit in Klaten, Central Java, reported the total of ruined houses as 12,073, damaged ones at 1,950 and the lightly damaged at 4,768.

One government building was ruined, 22 were severely damaged and 111 were lightly damaged.

“This is only initial data, the inventory is still being carried out,” said Imam Purwadi, Vice Chairman of the Natural Disaster Relief Unit in Klaten.

According to Bambang, in order to rebuild houses, a minimum of Rp200 billion in funds will be required.

It is expected that the funds will be provided by the central and regional governments from the state budget and the regional revised budget.

Muhammad Yusuf Ashari, the Public Housing Minister, promised aid for rebuilding ruined houses.

However, he has not yet set the total fund to be provided, or the time to rebuild the ruined houses.

“We will look for the funds,” he said in Klaten yesterday.

Central Java’s Governor, Mardiyanto has called on the residents to repair their own houses first.

Syaiful Amin, Anas Syahirul and Imron
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