The Split Nation: Porn-Investment Bills

Parliament members are bussy to discuss two important bills on pornography and investment. Do these bills negates each other?

The supporters of Porn Bill says it has nothing to do with investment appetite on Indonesia. "Other countries already have such porn law and investment keeps coming," they said. But those who oppose the bill argues the porn law would scare investors, especially foreign direct investments, away. "Do we really need specific law on pornography while we have the penal code with tons of articles about pornography?"

The nation is clearly split on the porn bill. As the supporters have rallied in major cities to push the House of Representatives to immediately deliberate the porn law, opponents under the leadership of former president Abdurrahman Wahid threatened to organize massive protests in big cities.

So far, no horizontal physical confrontation between the groups. But who knows?

The split could be seen in the investment bill as well. Do we really need the new investment law while we can't make use out of the existing laws on domestic and foreign investments? The spirit of the investment law is to give equal level of playing field for domestic and foreign investors at the time of increasing anti-foreign investment sentiment pumped up by some nationalist figures.
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