PLN says Java-Bali to face 300 MW power deficit on gas shortage

Jakarta (Antara News) - State electricity firm PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) said the integrated Java-Bali system is facing a power deficit of 300 megawatts due to a shortage of gas supply from BP West Java to PLN's Muara Karang power plant.

PLN spokesman Mulyo Adji said there has been a leakage in BP's gas pipeline since Friday night.

"They (BP) are investigating the damage at its pipeline. Repair work is initially predicted to take two weeks," Adji told XFN-Asia.

He said due ot the leakage, gas supply to the Muara Karang plant has dropped to 140 mln standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd), from its normal volume of 260 mmscfd.

He said the gas shortage will cut power output from Muara Karang by 500-600 MW from its normal combined capacity of 1,550 MW. Muara Karang's output mostly supplies the Jakarta area, but PLN is planning to implement

rotational cuts if consumption runs at more normal levels to rationalize meager gas resources.

To cover the deficit, PLN has requested other plants to optimize their output and will also request extra fuel supply from state oil and gas firm PT Pertamina of 1,600 kiloliters per day so that one of Muara Karang's units at Priok, in North Jakarta can switch from gas to oil fuel.

As a result, the net deficit would be around 300 MW.

"If our Java-Bali consumers, now numbering 20 mln, can just turn one to two lamps from 5 pm to 10 pm, we can save 500 MW, meaning that PLN would not need to rotationally cut power supply during the peak hours," Adji said. (*)

May 22 12:04
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