May 17 20:38

Plantations in C Kalimantan keep expanding

Palangka Raya (Antara News)</b> - The planting of oil palm, rubber and coconut trees as well as other plantation commodities in Central Kalimantan has kept on expanding thanks to the implementation of the plantation commodities cultivation program in the region.

Assistant to the Central Kalimantan administration Titik Sundari SH disclosed here Wednesday there are 19 plantations commodities grown on 981,706 ha of plantations in the province, comprising 543,174 ha belonging to smallholders and 438,532 ha owned by major companies.

Oil palm plantations ranked first in Central Kalimantan till 2005, covering 401,662.40 ha of land, followed by rubber plantations (355,201.33 ha) and coconut plantations (77,188 ha). A number of 87 plantations belong to major companies.

The development of the plantation sub-sector in the province in 2005 created job opportunities to 413,750 families, comprising 357,965 families working for their own plantations and 55,785 families employed by major plantation companies.

The plantation sub-sector has raised plantation farmers? income to US$1,128 per family annually and increased the gross regional product by 16.55 percent (based on the 2004 constant price), Sundari said.(*)
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