Government to Build International Internet Backbone
Monday, 15 May, 2006 | 16:34 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The government will build an international Internet backbone in Indonesia which will mean cheaper bandwidth prices for the general public.

Basuki Yusuf Iskandar, the Director General of Posts and Telecommunication, said that some of Indonesia’s Internet traffic enters the international backbone in Singapore.

“It’s as if Indonesia is a part of Singapore,” he said in Jakarta yesterday.

Basuki said that this was because Singapore is one of the world's big Internet exchange points in addition to the United States, Hong Kong, France, Canada, and Sydney.

Bandwidth prices in Indonesia are expensive because most of the traffics still has to access foreign websites.

The Internet broadband subscription price, for example, for a speed of 384kbps is Rp300,000.

In Europe, by paying only 75 Euros, customers can have an unlimited access of 2mbps, and even in India, prices are half those in Indonesia.

Although it is still in the 'vision' stage, Basuki intends to analyze the situation thoroughly by involving all involved parties.

“It isn't a decision yet. We have to study this first,” said Basuki.

The team will analyze problems and possibilities regarding costs and infrastructure hardware, as well as the effects on the growth of the Internet in Indonesia.

It is planned that the team will be led directly by Ismail Ahmad, Head of the Internet Protocol Sub-Directorate at the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunication.

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