Apr 20 22:04

Jakarta (Antara News) - Chinase businessmen have complained about Indonesian businessmen`s inability to take opportunities in supplying certain goods to China, a Chinese diplomat said.

"We asked to be supplied with certain goods but Indonesian businesmen were not able to fulfill our requests," Tan Weiwen, minister counsellor for economic and business affairs at the Chinese embassy said at a forum on trade and investement in municipalities here Thursday.

China needed such products as rubber, coal and ore, he said.

Tan said he understood why the Indonesian businessmen had difficulties to fulfill the requests.

The diplomat said they were not able to increase its production capacity yet as the investment climate in Indonesia was currently still not conducive.

He further said that the Chinese government is still developing Free Trade Zones starting from January 1, 2006 to 2010. Indonesian businessmen could take opportunities after the government issued a policy to lower duties including agricultural products by stages from 80 pct to 5-0 pct especially for members of the Asean.

Tan said China applies a two way investment system both domestic and abroad.

The country`s investment in foreign countries has reached US400 billion in South East Asian nations in particular. "We prioritize in the countries as China`s neighbours," he added.(*)
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