Apr 19 17:58
President advises handicraft traders to create int'l trade marks

Jakarta (Antara News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said national handicraft product traders should begin to think of creating their own international trademarks that are often the key to success in the overseas marketing of goods.

"I have often told traders about my impression that we always only wait for orders from overseas, and when our products arrive in a foreign country, the trademarks of our products are changed so that they increase in value," the President said when opening an Indonesian Handicraft Exhibition 2006 at the Convention Center here on Wednesday.

The President said the habit of foregn importers to change the trademarks of Indonesian products should be changed by having international trade marks.

The international exhibition which will be held until April 23 was organized by the National Handicraft Council in cooperation with the National Export Development Agency and various associations of national handicraft products.

Mrs Kristiani Yudhoyono, Mrs Nafidah Kalla, Trade Minister Mari E Pangestu and a number of ambassadors of friendly states also attended the opening of the exhibition which will last until April 23.

Hundreds of small-medium and large scale businessemen were displaying their goods in small and large stands made available by the organizers.

President Yudhoyono called on the traders to register and obtain trade marks for their products in order to increase the values of their goods and their competitive edges on the world market.

"The habit of only waiting for orders abroad where the goods` local trade marks are changed must be gradually abolished," the President said calling on the traders to find a good and interesting name for the trade marks of their products.

He said that it was a simple matter to obtain a trademark because it needed a long time, consumed much energy and much money.

The President quoted data from the Bureau of Statistics that in 2004 Indonesia`s handicraft exports contributed US$447 million to the state where in 2005 it increased by 4.06 percent to US$466 million. (*)
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