Apr 06 01:17
RI economic growth in first quarter 2006 predicted to reach 4.58%

Jakarta (Antara News) - Indonesia`s economic growth in the first quarter of 2006 will be 4.58 % or slightly higher than the 4.35 percent predicted earlier, Bank Indonesia (BI) or central bank Governor Burhanuddin Abdullah said.

"This better-than-expected development is mainly supported by macro-economic stability like the appreciation of the rupiah, the decline in the inflation rate and the surplus in the balance of payments," Abdullah said when presenting the central bank`s evaluation of the country`s economic performance here on Wednesday.

He said Indonesia`s GDP in 2006 was predicted to grow higher than the 5.0 % to 5.7 % projected by BI earlier.

"The 2006 GDP is expected to exceed the median point of 5.4 % to reach the upper level of 5.7 %," he said.

Abdullah said BI was optimistic that the country`s economy would grow stronger, supported by more conducive world economic conditions, better balance of payments performance and the government`s efforts to improve the investment climate. (*)
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