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#31819 - 30 Dec 05 20:03 PI/Tupai/Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
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December, 28 2005 @ 11:46 pm

Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
By Roy Tupai

Former Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) chairman Theo F. Toemion, fired earlier this year after attacking expatriates during a children’s basketball game at a Jakarta school, has now been declared a suspect in a corruption case.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on late Wednesday (28/12/05) said Toemion was suspected of inflicting losses of Rp32 billion ($3.25 million) on the state through the issuance of fictitious or marked–up investment promotion projects over 2003 and 2004.

"In the interests of the investigation, he will be detained by us for 20 days at Jakarta Police headquarters,” said KPK deputy chairman Tumpak Hatorangan Panggabean.

He said Toemion, a former legislator from ex-president Megawati Sukarnoputri’s Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), allegedly awarded a fictitious project to advertising company PT Catur Dwikarsa Indonesia. He said funds allocated for the project in 2003 amounted to Rp22.8 billion, whereas only Rp4.1 billion was legitimately spent; while in 2004, the funds amounted to Rp25 billion, but only Rp3.3 billion was properly spent.

“The rest could not be accounted for,” Panggabean was quoted as saying by Tempo Interactive.

After being interrogated, Toemion said he had acted professionally in handling the investment promotion projects. He said he was ready to cooperate and asked reporters to uphold the presumption of innocence before guilt principle. "From the outset I have been honest and will continue to be accountable for everything that I did as it was in line with prevailing laws,” he said.

His lawyer, Sugeng Teguh Santoso, said he would ask for his client’s detention to be postponed.

Toemion lost his job as BKPM head in May 2005, a few weeks after he punched several foreigners, including executives of US oil companies, accusing them of racism because his seven-year-old son was sent off for alleged rough play during a basketball game at Jakarta International School (JIS).

He was replaced by Muhammad Luthfi, a son-in-law of former cabinet minister Hartarto, who held key economic portfolios in three of ex-president Suharto’s cabinets.

The government denied that Toemion was replaced because of his behavior during the April 17 basketball game, during which he allegedly grabbed a 14-year old student referee by the neck and then struck four American executives and an Australian businessman when they attempted to intervene.

No assault charges were pressed against Toemion because the school did not issue a formal complaint, whereas the United States Embassy said it would consider denying him entry to the US.
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#31820 - 06 Jan 06 15:59 Re: PI/Tupai/Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
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My oh my.
This guy obviously has some anger management to do...why is there no sinetron series about cranky pollies ( and their follies/jollies hoho)-it might become the new desparate housewives......
also one about the gigalos from bali would be fun-you know the ones with a girl from every country?
Maybe they could intertwine somehow....

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#31821 - 07 Jan 06 11:11 Re: PI/Tupai/Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
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Yeah you're right Ena.. This guy had serious problem with anger and i think he had to go to some theraphy in order to dealt his anger issue and also his corruption manner.. Maybe, he could be put in sanatoriom - a place for people that have problem with personality and anger- and if there's 'sinetron' to be made, i think the person who portrayed the politician confused well, i kinda don't know.. who do you think the best actor to portrayed the 'politician' Ena ? and maybe the tittle could be "Desperate Politician" wink

#31822 - 11 Feb 06 13:40 Re: PI/Tupai/Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
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Need to get a couple of things straight here. Not about the Korruption but the basketball game. Firstly Theo's son was not sent off for rough play, he had one foul called on him as did almost every kid on the court. Secondly he did not "allegedly grab" the 14 year old referee, he punched the referee twice and tried to kick him. Actually more a slap than a punch. He did punch two expats, guys who were simply trying to diffuse the situation. There was no racism at all, almost every kid on the court was of some mixed race. Claiming racism and that he was standing up for Indonesia are the words of a pure scoundrel. I wonder when Pak Theo is going to show the whole video he has of the event? Not just the carefully edited minutes seen on TV. Some have seen it, but kept their thoughts to themselves so far. That leaves a whole lot of more questions open.
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#31823 - 12 Feb 06 08:43 Re: PI/Tupai/Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
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pak theo -- god bless him -- is currently in jail awaiting trial on corruption charges. poor theo. poor, poor theo.
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#31824 - 12 Feb 06 23:32 Re: PI/Tupai/Thuggish Ex-Investment Chief Held For Alleged Corruption
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Yeh poor Pak Theo, doing hard time with Pak Bob H. and Pak Harto junior.

Drive on supir
massage just a little bit lower
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