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#31685 - 19 Oct 05 11:28 EF/The immigration mafia in Indonesia
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From "Lia" on Expat Forum (

Many of us are now familiar with the infamous entity called Immigrasi. But what we do not know is that it is this very official organization that is setting and running the immigration policies of the country. Not the government, not the MPR, or even the president. But an evil nexus of well entrenched officialdom, agents and other vested interests. In fact it has become an open mafiadom.

It is this corrupt nexus or mafia that is holding the country to ransom, imposes untold hardship on countless number of families trying to be together, separating children from their parents, wifes from husbands etc, so that they can screw and extort money from all sides. Many families have literally gone bankrupt trying to stay united by feeding these greedy cretins.

While we criticise government policies on immigration, we seem to have ignored the fact that this nexus is the one that is hell bent on preserving the status quo of the archaic immigration policies. They oppose all moves to liberlise or reform the system. They use the often-used excuse that these archaic laws on immigration are necessary to prevent "foreigners" from working here illegally. It is the best and the most touted lie propagated by this nexus of parasites for decades while opposing any pleas from the public to change the laws on naturalisation or citizenship.

While countless pleas and appeals have gone to the government through the press and the public to change these archaic laws on immigration, it is extremely important to expose, articulate and condemn this well-entrenched nexus, till they go on the defensive. Unless that is done, this country will always be under the control of this corrupt nexus as far as immigration laws are concerned, just like the many other nexus operating in the various other spheres of Indonesian government administration - eg: Customs, Tax, Police etc.

The country is not run by the government, but rather by these well entrenched nexus mafia, each zealously gaurding their "territory", so to speak.
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#31686 - 19 Oct 05 12:01 Re: EF/The immigration mafia in Indonesia
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this is because mentaly from goverment worker,they work to get more money,except their wages,their wages already get infront of month so for the month he need from their work so if you need them you must pay


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