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#31529 - 28 Aug 06 21:01 Is Islam corrupt?
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Pujangga Besar

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Islamic nations are ranked as among the world's most-corrupt and the fight to tackle the scourge could be tough due to poverty and poor governance, Malaysia's prime minister said on Monday.

Taking his anti-corruption message to the rest of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) nations, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who chairs the group, said there were no quick fixes to completely eradicate the problem.

"I am deeply saddened to note that Muslim countries, as a group, do not rate very highly when it comes to perceptions of corruption," he said at the opening of the group's first forum on graft.

"I believe that many of the development challenges that the Muslim Ummah (community) faces have their roots in problems of poverty, poor governance and limited education opportunities," he said.

Citing Transparency International's 2005 report, he said the Muslim country with the best record could only rank 29th out of 158 countries surveyed.

"More than half of the bottom ten places were occupied by Muslim countries," he said. Chad was ranked as the most corrupt.

"The current condition that Muslim countries find themselves is deeply alarming and distressing," he said in a speech.

The 57-member OIC comprises 1.8 billion people, ranging from wealthy Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to poor African states such as Chad and Sudan.

Abdullah, who came to office in late 2003, convincingly won elections in 2004 after campaigning to clean up corruption and cronyism.

He has charged a minister for land with corruption and dropped another minister from cabinet and his party for money politics, but critics say he could do more.

OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, in a prepared speech delivered at the forum, put the blame on unethical multinational firms doing business in Muslim countries.

"I also wish to identify the role of MNCs, who are responsible for spreading the curse of corruption," he said.

#31530 - 28 Aug 06 21:37 Re: Is Islam corrupt?
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Pujangga Besar

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And of course nice of Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to put the blame on unethical multinational firms doing business in Muslim countries.

Exmelkeddin mate, let me point out one minor thing to you:


What a fucking idiot. I cannot quite believe this crap. i would like to horsewhip this total moron from one side of the Islamic world to the other, to teach him a lesson.

of couse, the lesson is really for me. The lesson is: Islam will always blame someone else for its fuck-ups, becuase its doesnt have the balls to hold itself accountable.

Me - I blame Islam for the boil on my bum frown

#31531 - 28 Aug 06 22:05 Re: Is Islam corrupt?
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I wrote an article about this in 2004 shortly after the Transparency Int'l corruption index came out, after I noticed the same exact thing on the list that PM Badawi has just figured out. It was not well received here.

But interestingly, one thing I did learn after getting some feedback is this: A few moderate, liberal muslims pointed out to me that "many many muslims" have such disdain for the WEST (people, systems of gov't, education and free enterprise system) that they almost feel it their religious duty (sorta white-collar jihad) to royally screw the system any chance they get, especially here where it is essentially a Western-based economic system. And if that means more money in their pocket as a result of the cheating, they simply donate some goats to the local mosque for idul adha slaughter! THEN, all is forgiven and he's a friggin' genius, a hero for ripping off the WEST and donating to the mosque - earning a special place in paradise...
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#31532 - 28 Aug 06 22:29 Re: Is Islam corrupt?
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This from something written by Roger Scruton:

As Ruthven has pointed out, there is no provision in Islamic law for the corporation as a legal person, with rights and duties of its own. The city, the committee, the mosque itself, do not occur as independent subjects of the law, and although Muslim countries abound in charitable foundations — the awqaf (singular waqf) — they are conceived not as property in the hands of a corporate person, but as property that has been simply "removed" from circulation or which has "ceased" (waqafa).

In Ruthven’s words, there was no "juridical definition of the public sphere" in classical Islamic jurisprudence, a fact which greatly impeded the formation of a genuine political order. Hence "stealing from the public treasury was not held subject to the hadd [i.e., the divinely ordained punishment for theft], because the illegal act was not committed against a juristic agent independent of the thief who was, along with every other Muslim, considered part-owner of the mal Allah, and thus part-owner of what he had stolen".
Indo is a only a pseudo Islamic country so not sure to what degree the above applies.

#31533 - 29 Aug 06 10:55 Re: Is Islam corrupt?
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Pujangga Besar

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You are right, I lived and worked in France at one time. There, anything non French (especially English) was looked down upon. They would eschew good engineering solutions in favour of second rate French ideas. Such was the power of French nationalism. (They are now paying the price for this bullshit).

I can see the same with the Chinese, who think we should be honoured if they copy our inventions (overlooking patent rights etc). the Middle Kingdom mentality is alive and well in every tiny Chinese mind.

But especially, I see this crap with Islam. They look down upon the West, with all of its achievements. They rip us off every way they can.

Nigerian Scams.

Indonesian Ebay buyers.

Muslims with 3-4 wives, each living in a separate public house, each claiming allowances…

Beware Allah, your time is getting close. Georges finger is hovering over that big red button. One tap and you will see the power of the West….

The Japanese were more fanatical than the Muslims. Funny how after Nagasaki they went deathly quiet. Atomic warfare, bringing civilisation to a country near you……


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