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#31526 - 26 Aug 06 11:43 Short-term pleasures - 5 deported
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Indonesia deports 5 Saudis for short-term marriages

Five Saudi Arabian men have been deported from Indonesia for marrying local
women for "short-term pleasures", an official said on Wednesday.

The men were arrested in Puncak -- a hill-top town south of Jakarta
frequented by tourists from the Middle East -- said Yeyet Oking, the chief
of the immigration department in Bogor.

"Short-term marriages are an act of disrespect for our marriage law.
Besides, they have also misused their tourist visas," Oking told Reuters.

"basically it's concealed prostitution and they do this not to raise a
family but to have short-term pleasures," he said.

He said short-term weddings, which are not recognised by the state, had been
practised for years in Puncak and were a cause for concern among local

Oking said the move to crack down on "contract marriages", as the practice
is called here, followed remarks by Vice President Jusuf Kalla about the
issue in June.

Kalla drew harsh criticism from women activists after he said at a tourism
seminar the practice of short-term marriages could be economically
beneficial for local people.

He was later quoted by The Jakarta Post newspaper as saying his remarks were
intended to be a joke and he had actually proposed other alternatives to
lure Arab tourists instead of short-term marriages.
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#31527 - 27 Aug 06 10:48 Re: Short-term pleasures - 5 deported
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Pujangga Besar

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dont deport them, NAME THEM and SHAME THEM.

Im sick of Muslims doing the "goody goody two shoes", and the "I am better than you cos I read the koran crap".

The West is full of assholes, I know cos I am one, but so is Islam.!!!!!

#31528 - 24 Sep 06 14:25 Re: Short-term pleasures - 5 deported
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Oking said the move to crack down on "contract marriages",

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