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#31506 - 18 Aug 06 21:08 Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
Choc_Cow Offline

Registered: 25 May 06
Posts: 1200
Loc: Di Puncak
That guy in Thailand.. what's his name John Mark something..?

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#31507 - 18 Aug 06 21:31 Re: Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
KuKuKaChu Moderator Offline
Pooh Bah

Registered: 09 Oct 05
Posts: 10790
Loc: Centre of the Universe
the guy in thailand seems to be attempting to point the finger at a "third party" alias the father ... who knows who is telling the truth ...
KuKuKaChu: dangerously too sophisticated

#31508 - 18 Aug 06 22:04 Re: Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
This is from THE ONION a few years ago:

Ugly Girl Killed
Nation Unshaken By Not-So-Tragic Death

January 29, 1997 | Issue 31•03

CASPER, WYOMING—The people of America remained unmoved Monday as the sparse, barely attended funeral procession of Edith Pelphrey made its way to Pinelawn Cemetery in downtown Casper.

Edith, a homely six-year-old with thick glasses and a decidedly non-winning smile, was laid to rest largely as she had lived—unnoticed by the general population.

Discovered strangled with a length of nylon cord on Jan. 4, reported to the police Jan. 15, and finally investigated two days ago, the story of unattractive little Edith and her savage killing has failed to tug at America's heartstrings.

To the few who knew her, Edith was an unattractive, awkward little girl who failed to stand out among her first-grade classmates at Jefferson Elementary School. And it is this lack of social grace, more than anything, that makes her all-too-brief life—and its all-too-brief ending—all the more not-compelling and non-poignant in the eyes of a city and a nation.

The normally lively streets of Casper were quiet today. Not because the city was mourning a loss that had shaken it to its core, but because of the capacity crowds attending this weekend's 1997 "Li'l Miss Casper" pre-teen beauty pageant, a contest that Edith, had she lived, surely could never have entered, let alone won.

Edith's death—so sudden, so unremarkable—has not sent shockwaves of grief and despair rippling across the land.

"The American people face bold new challenges in the 21st century," President Clinton said Monday in an unrelated speech which made no mention of the incident. "We will rise to meet these challenges together."

Said Time magazine editor Richard Turner, "I want to stress that we have no intention of featuring Edith Pelphrey on the cover of Time."

"Neither will we," concurred People magazine's Kathie Holcomb. "There's just no sell."

But who was Edith? What was she going through as she neared the end? In these modern times, do we as Americans even care about such questions? The answer is clear, and it is: no, we do not. But now, after what little tears there were have long fallen, lingering questions about Edith's murder remain, failing to elicit anything beyond indifference from anyone.

"I was just going to the bookstore," said Casper resident Dan Vermeer, 24, moments after learning of Edith's death. "After that I'm supposed to meet a friend at a coffee shop."

"Hey, look at this!" a visibly agitated Rev. Geoff Noyes, of Casper's First Methodist Church, said to MaryAnn, his wife of 43 years. "They're having a sale at Safeway! Look at those tuna discounts."

These Casper residents, like millions of people across the nation, will not form any sort of activist group or mobilize to find Edith's killer; launch any sort of posthumous tribute; order any flower arrangement; or sing moving hymns in her memory. Neither, for that matter, will they ever know who she was, nor would they care to.

Why was she found strangled in her own home? There was a ransom note found with the body, but no kidnappers or, for that matter, evidence of any kidnapping at all. Could it be that the murderer was actually someone from the Pelphrey family itself? By and large, nobody could care less.

"I told you already that I have no idea what you're talking about, sir. If you keep calling here I'll have you fined," Casper chief of police Wayne Daugherty told reporters.

It's obvious that Edith, too homely to give a second thought about in life, is even less likely to attract anyone's attention now that she has been laid to eternal rest.

"I feel deeply, with every ounce of my soul, that something must be done to ensure the public that no matter what happens in the future, this night will not be forgotten, and that the Li'l Miss Casper Beauty Pageant will continue to inspire us all," Casper Mayor Roger DiNizio said, addressing an assembled crowd of 11,000.

Upon the completion of DiNizio's remarks, the pageant audience—decked out in their finest for the occasion—cheered, rising from their seats in a spontaneous standing ovation.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#31509 - 18 Aug 06 22:14 Re: Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
Dilli Offline
Pujangga Besar

Registered: 26 Feb 06
Posts: 8044
Loc: Nearest Bar
Bit sick Ricky, there was a real little girl who died there! No matter what the supposed "murderer" has fessed up to, a child died there.

I read the Onion on occassion and admit they go for the shock jugular!

This one for me was over the top! You have the ability to delete the post! The choice is yours....
Menace to Sobriety

#31510 - 18 Aug 06 22:40 Re: Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
The Onion does indeed try to "shock", but if the reader is intelligent and discerning enough, he/she will see the "moral of the story"... In this case, The Onion's point is that we average citizens, and the media, go all ballistic when it is a successful, beautiful, upper-middle class victim.. BUT we don't give a hoot when it's a homely, unsuccessful working class victim.

So you see Mr. Dilligaf, as much as I respect your request for self-censorship, they're not making light of a tragic death, they're proffering a social comment/critique on our societies' inability or unwillingness to give equal treatment to the "ugly losers" vis-a-vis the "beautiful people".
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#31511 - 20 Aug 06 09:28 Re: Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
This is from The Sunday Herald in Australia, also BBC is on the case, all the Japanese media, 300 journos camping out in Colorado courthouse "to get prime seating" -- talk about a media frenzy... geez

Toy Bear Riddle

August 20, 2006

A CHILLING photo of the JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect hugging a white Santa Claus teddy bear is one of several twists in the murder mystery.
Former teacher John Mark Karr, 41, was arrested this week in Thailand over the notorious case and confessed to the six-year-old beauty queen's murder.

Now a bear in a picture he is said to have sent to a Colorado professor could be vital in proving whether he is the killer.

Students of Prof Michael Tracey, who Karr emailed for four years, recalled him describing a chilling photo sent by the suspect.

A bear being hugged by Karr in the boyhood snap was said to be the same as the one that appeared briefly in JonBenet's bedroom after her slaying in Boulder, Colorado, on December 26, 1996.

No one in the Ramsey family remembered seeing it before and it apparently vanished before police could seize it as evidence.

In other developments:

A SERIES of sick emails Karr sent to the professor began after he saw one of Prof Tracey's documentaries about the murder. They were said to have been crucial to his capture.

The emails expose his obsession with JonBenet. One included a poem to the tiny beauty queen.

"JonBenet, my love, my life. I love you and shall forever love you," it read.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.

#31512 - 20 Aug 06 09:40 Re: Did he or did he not kill JonBennet?
riccardo Offline

Registered: 12 Oct 05
Posts: 2195
Loc: Jakarta
AND this little snippet from the LA Times about the media frenzy....

Wolf Blitzer, still covering some cease-fire thing in the Middle East, pitched in his alarmist drone about the crack in the case, while Larry King's guest Wednesday was the suddenly unfortunately named Jon Bon Jovi.

The story had broken in Bill O'Reilly's face, but he respectfully passed. (Perhaps Fox couldn't figure out who O'Reilly might yell at, because no one was implicating the French.)
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.


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