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#31426 - 25 Jul 06 17:21 Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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Trigger-happy Indonesian cops have shot dead five blacks on the street very near to Jalan jaksa. When it comes to Africans, cops here *very* frequently shoot first and don't answer any questions after.

Hundreds of people are still milling about the scene.

5 Orang Ditembak di Depan Menara Kebon Sirih

Indra Shalihin - detikcom

Jakarta - Sekitar 5 orang ditembak di jalanan di depan Menara Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Pusat, Selasa (25/7/2006), tak jauh dari kantor lama Puspom.

Saksi mata menyebut, peristiwa itu terjadi pukul 15.30 WIB. Beberapa di antara para korban adalah pria berkulit hitam.

Saat ini ratusan warga masih merubung TKP. Sejumlah aparat TNI dan Puspom berbaret biru tampak berada di TKP. Informasi dari para saksi mata, kelima orang itu ditembak oleh aparat keamanan. Namun dari kesatuan mana, belum ada konfirmasi.
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#31427 - 25 Jul 06 17:32 Re: Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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the blacky who living in jalan jaksa always make sensation and also fighting with the other...
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#31428 - 25 Jul 06 19:08 Re: Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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It is an effective way of getting rid of the competition, be it in the drugs' trade or in counterfeit cash. Bet they weren't even armed.

It is an effective way of getting rid of the competition, be it drugs or counterfeit cash.

Prediction: Africans were drug dealers without visas. A couple will probably have been ‘deported’ previously, or been arrested and managed to ‘escape’. Blame will fall on all Africans and, to force focus off police mass murder, large-scale visa searches will be implemented. Expatriates who hang out in Jaksa will also be swept up in goings on.

Advice: Carry photocopies of all relevant documents and have somebody at the other end of a phone who is able to supply police with the originals at any time of day. Photocopies are not good enough if the recent sweep at Aphro was anything to go by.
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#31429 - 25 Jul 06 19:20 Re: Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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The other night I got into a taxi in Sydney, and the driver told me he had just dropped off a Somalian guy.

The Somalian was complaining that several taxis had refused to pick him up, and complained for the entire journey about how racist and biased Australians were.

He then asked the cab to pull over at the side of the road along side another black dude, and quite openly sold a small plastic envelop full of white powder for $50, and then told the cab to take him to a local nightclub.

Pity the Sydney police are not so trigger happy…….

(most of these guys are "refugees", just like the Lebanese "refugees" who currnelty run the drug trade....)

#31430 - 26 Jul 06 08:50 Re: Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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From Paras Indonesia

July, 26 2006 @ 07:57 am

Police Shoot Suspected Robbers, Killing One

One man was shot dead and four others wounded when police opened fire on a group of alleged robbers on a busy Jakarta street lined with banks and government offices on Tuesday (25/7/2006).

There were conflicting statements from police and witnesses on events surrounding the shooting, which took place at about 3.20pm outside the Menara Kebon Sirih building and a branch of Bank Danamon on Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.

Jakarta Police claimed they were forced to open fire in self defense after the “robbers” took out guns and started shooting. Some witnesses said the only shots came from members of the Military Police and that none of the men had pulled guns on police.

Police denied that Military Police personnel were involved in the incident. Military Police headquarters is located on Jalan Kebon Sirih, only a short distance from the Bank Danamon branch.

Detikcom online news portal quoted witnesses as saying two police or Military Police personnel opened fire on the five civilians, including two men of African appearance.

The one fatality, whose head was partly blown off, was identified as Nasar (32) or Nasaryoes L. Police said he had been brandishing a revolver. The Rakyat Merdeka daily’s online edition described him as a Nigerian national. Other reports said he was Indonesian.

At least two men were shot in their legs at the scene, while two others reportedly tried to flee and were also shot in their legs. Another two men sped away in a vehicle.

Police later said they arrested four people and were pursuing the two who managed to escape.

Hundreds of curious onlookers crowded the street after the shooting. Several soldiers and Military Police were also at the scene.

Bungling Robbers or Drug Dealers?
Police initially claimed the five men had been about to rob a Bank Danamon customer. But Danamon officials denied there had been an attempted robbery.

First Inspector Junaidi, chief of the Gambir Police Criminal Investigation Unit, said the five men had been robbing a man from the bank. "So this is a normal criminal case,” he was quoted as saying by detikcom.

He said the gang had set out from a hotel in Menteng neighborhood to carry out the robbery. “Officers from Jakarta Police had been following them since they were outside Hotel Sofyan Cikini on Jalan Cut Mutia in Menteng.”

Junaidi claimed that when the men realized police were after them, they drew weapons and opened fire, but police managed to immobilize them before they could escape. No police were injured.

"So this was purely a normal robbery and those who fired the shots were the police, not the Military Police,” he added.

Danamon’s head of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Irawati Koswara-Simms, insisted there had no been no robbery. "That is not true," she was quoted as saying by detikcom.

She said she was informed the five men were drug dealers. "There were Nigerians, traffickers of narcotics, shot by police."

Danamon security guards Sukra and Jemmy Lasi said they had not witnessed any attempted robbery.

Jakarta Police Violent Crimes Unit head Senior Commissioner Edy Tambunan and Jakarta Police spokesman I Ketut Untung Yoga Ana later provided more details of the shooting and attempted robbery.

Ana said a member of the gang had offered a man named Andri a special exchange rate to convert rupiah into US dollars. "They wanted to rob him by means of offering him a dollar exchange," he said.

He said Andri agreed to the deal because he was promised an instant profit of 15% for the transaction.

Andri then drove his Honda CRV to the Bank Central Asia (BCA) branch on Jalan Karang Anyar in Tanah Abang and withdrew Rp1.3 billion ($142,000) to exchange for dollars. Upon leaving the bank, he began worrying he might be given counterfeit dollars, so he called police and notified them of the planned exchange.

One report said Andri was an undercover policeman and the whole operation had been a sting. Other reports said police had been traveling with Andri in the Honda CRV. But Tambunan and Ana said police had only been following Andri.

The currency exchange was initially to have taken place at Hotel Sofyan Cikini, but the gang changed the venue to Hotel Menteng, then to Hotel Flamboyan and other locations. Meanwhile, police had responded to Andri’s call and gone to Hotel Sofyan Cikini, where they spotted the gang and then followed them.

When Andri was driving past Bank Danamon on Jalan Kebon Sirih, he was forced to stop by a black Toyota Avanza and a black Toyota Vios.

"Five robbers got out of the Avanza car and immediately shot the victim,” Tambunan was quoted as saying by

Tambunan told detikcom that only two of the robbers, including Nasar, had exited the Avanza and pointed guns at Andri.

Police following Andri immediately stopped and opened fire at the robbers. "An exchange of fire took place,” said Ana.

Tambunan also claimed both sides had fired shots. He said Nasar was fatally shot in the head because he had been waving a revolver, while four others were shot in their legs and two escaped in the Vios.

Police said they seized Nasar’s revolver, as well as a toy FN pistol, five bullet shells and the Avanza car. But they did not find any dollars, indicating the gang had not planned to give Andri anything for his rupiah. “In fact there were no dollars. They had instead wanted to rob him,” said Ana.

Tambunan said police also seized more than Rp1 billion from Nasar.

“We are now still pursuing two members of the gang who fled during the exchange of fire in a black Toyota Vios vehicle,” he added.

After the shooting, chalk outlines were drawn around Nasar’s corpse, photographs were taken and the body was taken away. Sand was then scattered over the splattered blood from the dead man and his wounded accomplices. Normal traffic resumed at 5.20pm.

Witnesses said they heard up to 15 gunshots during the incident. They gave conflicting statements on the make of vehicle used by the alleged robbers.

Ridwan (23), who was playing chess at an ojek (motorcycle taxi) stand outside Bank Danamon, said he saw a black Daihatsu Xenia vehicle approaching at full speed from the direction of Jalan Wahid Hasyim. He said after the car came down Jalan Sabang and turned onto Jalan Kebon Sirih, it was suddenly forced to stop by a silver-colored vehicle, which he believed was carrying Military Police personnel.

He said five people exited the black Daihatsu. "Two of them had black skin and the other three had light brown skin.”

Ridwan said the Military Police then started shooting and immobilized two men by shooting them in the leg. He said the remaining three men tried to run away. The officers set off in pursuit and shot one man in the head, killing him instantly.

"Before being shot in the head, he tried to escape toward Jalan Wahid Hasyim," said Ridwan.

He said the other two men fled toward the nearby backpacker street of Jalan Jaksa. "The two men that got to Jaksa were arrested and detained by the Military Police within 30 minutes," he added.

Other witnesses, all too afraid to give their names, gave differing versions of events. One said none of the five men had tried to run away. "Police immediately shot them. The one who died had not been reaching for a weapon but was quickly shot by police. It would have been difficult for him to run away because he was surrounded by police.”

A security guard at Bank Danamon, Junaedi, said he saw the Honda CRV speeding down the street, followed by a black Daihatsu Xenia. He said the Daihatsu suddenly overtook the Honda and shots were then fired. He said about five men exited the Daihatsu but police immobilized them by shooting their legs.

Casualty & Wounded Identified
Initial reports said an identity card found in the pocket of the dead man identified him as Yohannes Walerang from Banyu Gantung in Ambon, Maluku province, while another card listed his address as Bakti Jaya Housing Complex 2 in Sukmajaya, Depok.

Police later said the dead man was named Nasar. The four arrested men were identified as Cameroonian national Patrick and Indonesians John, Suwarna (also mentioned as Suriana) and Hermanus Frans Lambobir. Police said John had been carrying the toy replica of an FN pistol.

Police said Hermanus was Nasar’s brother and it was his Ambon residency card found at the scene of the shooting.

The four wounded men were taken to the intensive care unit at Jakarta Police headquarters at about 5.30pm. Two of them were being treated in beds, while the other two were being treated on the floor.

Nasar’s corpse was reportedly first taken to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital and then to the Police Center for Medical and Health Services. Metro TV reported the body was later taken to Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta for an autopsy.

Police in December 2005 shot dead an alleged motorcycle thief on Jalan Kebon Sirih. In recent years Jakarta Police have also shot dead several African drug dealers, claiming the men drew guns and ignored warning shots.

By: Roy Tupai | Category: Current Affairs
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#31431 - 30 Jul 06 02:06 Re: Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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better kill than my son on the drugs

#31432 - 31 Jul 06 11:05 Re: Five blacks shot near Jalan Jaksa
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Originally posted by balipaul:
better kill than my son on the drugs
what do you meant bp?
the blacky were killing your son with drugs frown
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