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#31148 - 29 Jun 06 07:16 Meeting offers hope for Corby and Bali Nine
Magpie Offline

Registered: 29 Mar 06
Posts: 1306
Loc: The Toon
By 7News

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and members of the Bali Nine are a step closer to serving out their remaining prison time in Australia.
The Indonesian and Australian governments were last night close to agreement on a prisoner exchange program.

Indonesian Justice Minister Dr Hamid Awaludin indicated negotiations were proceeding well.

"I expect when I visit Australia in September we can sign bilateral agreement on this," he said.

Dr Awaludin will hold talks with Attorney General Philip Ruddock in Bali today
"People say funny things......."

Peter Kay

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#31149 - 29 Jun 06 08:24 Re: Meeting offers hope for Corby and Bali Nine
Polar Bear Offline
Pujangga Besar

Registered: 23 Nov 05
Posts: 6177
I guess the question is does Australia want her?

I don’t agree with this cross border crime logic.

As an Australian travelling abroad, I am obliged by Australian law to abide by the Australian age for sexual consent (even though that age actually differs from state to state within Australia). Thus in a country like China, where the age of consent is 14, I would risk arrest and imprisonment in Australia if I had sex with a 14 year old girl – even though the “offence” occurred in China, where it was quite legal.

(I hasten to add I do not want, and do not have, sexual relations with 14 year old girls.)

Take this to the next level. Germany has no speed limits on the autobahns. Do I risk a speeding fine back in Sydney for driving at 200kph in Germany?

And would we reciprocate? If a parking offence in North Korea attracts a death penalty, will we hang any North Koreans we catch in a no standing zone.

In the case of Corby, what is she appeals against her conviction in Australia, where her crime would only attract a fine?

A crime, and its punishment, are national, not international, despite the attempts of some groups to give us a global state.

Corby should do her time in Bali.

#31150 - 29 Jun 06 09:30 Re: Meeting offers hope for Corby and Bali Nine
Magpie Offline

Registered: 29 Mar 06
Posts: 1306
Loc: The Toon
I was under the impression that the outcry from the Australian public around this trial had put "Johnny Howard" in a bit of a tight spot, he couldn't denounce the Indonesian laws, yet still he had to be seen to be doing something (I'm sure you remember all the press). This is the outcome that they had bandied around at the time of the trial. Personally I agree with you, You break a law in another country, you face the consequences. Oh and pack your own bags before you go to a country that has the death penalty for drugs.....common sense I think, pity there is such a lack of it. And the Australian model and her scandal with regards to converting to Islam, well she didnt really do any favours at all did she?

To anyone thinking of trying to pull one over on indonesian custom's officers, dont bother, they are smarter than you are currently judging them, and they would be delighted to lock your ass in prison, you will be giving them status.

A Dutch Teacher in Bandung was caught with 2 ounces of weed stuffed down his shirt. Straight to jail, and they managed to screw up his bribe money. Now in the pub that I go to there is a really smug looking cop that sits in the corner, just watching all the White male teachers. He speaks English, and knows us, but never talks. He knows we know it was him that locked up the Dutch teacher. Best deterrent I have ever come across, although I would like to have a "geordie" discussion with him.
"People say funny things......."

Peter Kay

#31151 - 29 Jun 06 09:54 Re: Meeting offers hope for Corby and Bali Nine
Polar Bear Offline
Pujangga Besar

Registered: 23 Nov 05
Posts: 6177
You are right, and I feel sorry for Howard, having to defend an idiot like Corby.

My suggestion for this is to drug test every Australian at the airport customs desk. You simply remove the passport of anyone who shows positive exposure.

If they are stupid enough to do drugs they are too stupid to hold a passport, and are a liability to Australia if they travel overseas.

My CO once conducted random drug testing. Sure enough we found three idiots who proved positive. Two took it on the chin, one sat and cried, saying he couldn’t tell his family.

I just don’t understand the attitude, which seems to be one of “I am a victim cos I got caught with drugs”.

What do we need to do with these idiots?


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