Indonesian Visas for Relief Workers

The province of Yogyakarta and adjoining parts of Central Java province have been devastated by the magnitude-6.3 earthquake that hit on 27 May 2006.

There is an urgent need for skilled aid workers to provide assistance, both immediately and in the near future.

For a limited time, Okusi Associates will be providing visas to aid workers heading to Yogyakarta "at cost", and in some cases free of all cost. We can offer pre-approved temporary working visas and single-entry business visas at no cost.

If you have been engaged by a recognised aid organisation and require an appropriate visa, please call us immediately on +62 888 187 0556 or +62 21 390 1007, or email

In most cases we can have a visa approved on the same day and sent to the Indonesian embassy that you nominate for pick-up. If you wish to pick up the visa in Singapore, we have an agent who can usually have the approved visa stamped into your passport on the same day, so that you will be able to immedaitely continue your journey to Yogyakarta.

If required, Okusi Associates will be able to provide limited logistical support once you arrive in the city, in terms of interpreters and guides, once again, at no cost.

In the event you are not directly associated with a recognised aid organisation, but have the desire and resources to assist in Yogyakarta, please call us to discuss what it is you will be offering.
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