Jangkih-mangkih (pronounced junkie monkey): scattered around in a disorderly fashion.

Possible recommended uses:

The situation is jangkih-mangkih.

“Jangkih-mangkih mate.”
“You got that right mate.”

He/she is/was jangkih-mangkih.

Indonesia is permanently jangkih-mangkih.

I had a few Bintangs last night and my stool is jangkih-mangkih.

This word is way to cool not to be used.

Elton John thinks the English football team are jangkih-mangkih. And he should know, having owned Watford.

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"Sir Elton John has slammed the England football team as a "disgrace" after Portugal knocked them out of the World Cup on Saturday. The Don't Go Breaking My Heart singer made his feelings public when he made his comments during a gig in Bournemouth, hours after the quarter-final match finished.

John, who is friends with David Beckham, attributed most of the blame to coach Sven Goran Eriksson. He told the sell-out crowd, "There has not been an outstanding player at this World Cup. I do not even want to talk about that f**king Sven Goran Abba-dabba. "As always the England fans have been fantastic. They have been let down by the team and let down by people earning GBP125,000 a week. "It's fucking jangkih-mangkih mate."

And this is pretty jangkih-mangkih also.
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Little Mr. Apricot Flips Off Crowd, Loses Title

(CBS 13) PATTERSON, Calif. A big brouhaha in Stanislaus County as a pageant winner in Patterson is stripped of his crown. Heather Hudgens reports it all started with apricots and a finger foul-up.

It was another weekend of royalty in Patterson, and the parade queens were on their best behavior.

“I would never do it, it’s not queen worthy,” said one of the queens.

What she's talking about is what happened last month at the Apricot festival, when the newly-crowned Little Mr. Apricot, 4-year old Matthew Burgos, raised his middle finger to the crowd!

At Mil's Cafe, now all the talk is what happened next, when Matthew was unceremoniously relieved of his crown. The reason - the unfortunate flip of the finger.

Matthew's mom understands why the apricot board took Matthew's title, but wishes some townsfolk would just get over it.

“I think it is ridiculous, I mean he’s four years old,” she says. "Jangkih-mangkih," she adds.

CBS 13 asked the Patterson Apricot Fiesta Board to comment, they would not, except to confirm the story. First runner-up Michael Montiel will now assume the role of Little Mr. Apricot. Matthew doesn't even know he's been stripped of the title. His mom and dad say he likely wouldn't understand, anyway.
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