Apr 18 17:16
RI people still backward in political thinking

Jakarta (Antara News) - Indonesian people in general are still backward in political thinking as a consequence of the shackles of colonialism and the Medieval concept of thinking which tends to leave things to God`s will, a political observer said.

The statement was made by political analyst and Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) observer Mochtar Pabottinggi in a discussion and the launching of five books on "Democracy, State, and Change" at the Adhiyana Auditorium, Wisma AANTARA, here on Tuesday.

Mochtar said the Indonesian people could reduce the inferiority in their political thinking by developing rationality of politics through the work of noted philosophers such as John Locke and Aristotle.

"The five books are very good and relevant to a number of existing national and international political turmoils," Mochtar said, adding that the five books were Asas Moral Dalam Politik by Ian Shapiro, Amerika dan Dunia by Samuel P. Huntington Cs., Guncangan Besar by Francis Fukuyama, Memperkuat Negara by Francis Fuuyama, and Alexis de Tocqueville on Democracy, Revolution and the People by John Stone and Stephen Mennell.

In the politics, Mochtar said there was no religious rationality but the so-called practical reationality to gain prosperity in the world.

In Mochtar`s point of view, the rationality and the political thinking needs to be developed within the Indonesian community.

Therefore, it is important for the Indonesian people to read the clasical works as has been done by the American intelectual such as Francis Fukuyama. (*)
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