Apr 05 11:46
Five RI warship hold patrol in RI-Australia's borders

Surabaya, E Java (Antara News) - At least five Indonesian warships are patrolling in the Papua waters that bordering with the Australian waters, including to seek possibility in the increase of Indonesians seeking asylum in the neighboring country.

"The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) has ordered two warships, namely KRI Layang and KRI Sutedi Senaputra to the Navy Field in Merakuke and there were also two or three more warship assigned to pacify the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono`s visit to Merauke," spokesman of the Navy`s Eastern Fleet, Lt Col Toni Syaiful told ANTARA here on Wednesday.

He did not deny when asked whether these warship were also intended to watch closely the possible efforts of Indonesians seeking asylum in Australian.

"Yes, of course, the warship would also pay attention to that issue. For example, if they find a ship with some people on board, there would be a check. And the rest would be up to them, whether there is a violation or not," he said.

He added the 42 Papua who were granted a temporary asylum by the Australian Immigration Office recently went to Australia on board of small boat that might have no license.

"Before they arrived in Australia, we (the Navy) once were called by the Australian, probably, non-governmental organization, asking whether we knew their position or gave any assistance. We said we did not know about it," he added.

Besides in the waters bordering with Australia, the Navy also deployed three warships in the Papua`s northern waters with the main task of patrolling the sea from any violation, such as illegal fishing, smuggling and illegal logging.(*)
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