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New daily The Point may launch before September

A third English-language daily, The Point, may be launched earlier than the talked about date of September, said Riris Irawati, one of the key editors involved in the setting up of the paper.

More used to interviewing people rather than be interviewed, Riris was tentative to many of the pointed questions unspun posed to her this morning. Nevertheless, we have been able to piece together the following:

The paper is to be called The Point. When it starts up the paper plans to have about 24 pages. There are several key editors already working on the startup. Riris, according to market talk, is heading up the editorial but she says she is one one of many editors involved. Risi is very qualified for the job, having been a journalist at Antara, the managing Editor of Businessweek Indonesia and Chief Editor of Satunet.

Riris also dismisses talk that The Point would be poaching staff from The Jakarta Post. She said they didnít have to as they could find talent elsewhwere.They will not poach, she said, but if staff come to them and they pass the test administeredfor applicants they might be considered.

The Grapevine says that The Point is being financed by a director of lapindo but Riris doesnít want to confirm - neither did she deny - this piece of information.

It looks like for now thatís all the information about The Point. If it launches it will be the third English-langaugedaily in Indonesia after the Grand Ole Dame The Jakarta Post and the newly-launched quirky paper/newsletter of the jababeka group, The President Post.
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