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Jakarta Post: and then there were nine?

Then Grapevine tells more details about The Jakarta Post. There are not only eight but apparently nine people leaving soon for various reasons. We’ve blogged about Reiner going to Forbes.

The remaining eight are:

(1) T.S. who’s very knowledgeable about the military going to Van Zorge
(2) T.Y. going to UNAIDS
(4) R.A.W going on a scholarship to the Netherlands
(5) E.M who is also on a scholarship to Netherlands
(6) A.S. on a scholarship to the U.S.
(7) M.S.S off to study in Germany

(8) A photographer M.S that’s leaving but The Grapevine does not know where

(9) And a graphic designer known only as I on to a scholarship in the Netherlands

There was also rumors of a 10th man, T.H. leaving but apparently its only rumors.

July 12th, 2006
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