Hi friends,

I am looking to set up a "FOREX CAFE" called Kantor, which focusing on trading the International Money Market with variety of entertainments + programs to attract most investors in this industries.

"Kantor" is a brand for this concept, where people can use for:

a) if your spouse ask where u are at any time, you may answer @ "Kantor";
b) if your friend asked where you are during business hours, you may answer @ "Kantor";
c) if you want to meet your business counters, you may answer "let's meet @ Kantor"

So, do you get what I mean?

I believe for those investors that are interested, your BEP is 2 years. Investment needed is US$100,000.00, net income 15% per year. Franchise, agents, partners can be offered at the later date with 25% loyalti rates.

Interested party to call me directly on 0818-0819-1955 or reply to rudyyono1955@yahoo.com.

Rudy Yono