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#20284 - 17 Mar 06 14:25 Monkey Business
D'ruby Offline

Registered: 13 Feb 06
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Once There Was A Small Baby Monkey Stranded On A Small Island .
There Was Nothing On This Island Except Dry Grass And A Single Coconut Tree with Many Coconuts.
One Hot Day The Dry Grass Caught Fire. The Fire Spread Quickly And Soon The Whole Island Was On Fire.

To Escape The Fire The Small Baby Monkey Climbed Up The Coconut Tree, But The Wind Was Strong And The Fire Was Quickly Working Its Way Towards The Tree.

By Now The Tree And The Monkey Was Surrounded By Fire.


Scroll Down For The Answer ......

Guess What The Answer Is??

Come On Folks ..... Its Very Simple..

Still, You Are Thinking !! Can't Find The Answer?

The Answer Is .........

If A Big Monkey Like You Doesn't Know The Answer.
How Do You Expect A Small Baby Monkey To Know ......

Forward This To As Many MONKEYS You Know !!!!!!!!
Don't Take It Seriously Friends. I Am Also A Victim Of This Monkey Business!!

Cheers, smile
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#20285 - 17 Mar 06 15:05 Re: Monkey Business
Macan Tutul Offline
Pujangga Muda

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Your point is dear Ruby honey, I hope you just fine now, I'm so worry about you. frown
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#20286 - 17 Mar 06 22:41 Re: Monkey Business
Dilli Offline
Pujangga Besar

Registered: 26 Feb 06
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Hey MT, I am sure Ruby is OK, she lives with monkeys all day long, she probably teaches them survival techiques
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#20287 - 18 Mar 06 08:42 Re: Monkey Business
Polar Bear Offline
Pujangga Besar

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She is visiting my Iceberg for a quick love festival.....

#20288 - 18 Mar 06 09:50 Re: Monkey Business
mal-indo Offline

Registered: 12 Feb 06
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Loc: malaysia & jakarta
since they is so many coconuts. the monkey can break the coconuts get the water clear the way then the extra coconuts make it as somethings for the monkey at the sea and also for drinks. Hey, i do have a mini monkey too you know. i purchase it during i was in tanjung balai karimun. now i keep it in my friends house. this monkey is good, she listen and obey. like to play with people. do you have one syg?


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