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#11184 - 30 Jun 06 19:49 hy most men fail " In The Bedroom"
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Let's talk about a very --ahem-- "delicate" topic....

Why most men dont know how to please a women in the bedroom. i know this one is painful. do you know to REALLY please a women in the bedroom....everytime?

The reality is that many women are walking around this planet NEVER having experienced a "mind blowing" sexual encounter.

If you go up ask 10 random guys on the street if they know to rock a womens world, you better believe 9 out of 10 of them are going to say, HELL YES

So, why s this?

Why is it that most men have no idea what they are doing in bed...but, almost none will actually come clean and admit it?

Is it "male ego"?

Yeah, I know that this is a big punch but unfortunately, its the reality of this situation.
Thick about it... if you're with a women that isn't good in bed, are you ging to TELL HER?

I doubt it.

You'll probably do what ost women do when they are with a guy who isn't very good...

Because no women is going to tell you, face to face.

It hurts.

When a women is with a man who REALLY satisfies her sexually, there is almost NOTHING he can do to get rid of her... even if he wants to.

In other words, if the sex was good, she wouldnt be giong ANYWHERE
A man who is good in bed is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find... and women know it.
This is all about TECHNIQUE and KNOW HOW.
Simply learn the techniques and strategies... and success will follow.

Here's just a small preview of what you'll learn when you listen to this JakChat interview:-

- the "3 time" rule - A way to get a women INSANELY turned on before the actual "deed" so when it goes down, the feelings are TEN TIMES as intense for her (just this one tip alone will put you HEAD AND SHOULDERS above anyone else that she's been with)

- 3 way to be UNPREDICTABLE in the bedroom that women LOVE and most men NEVER figure out on their own (" Bad boys" tend to do these things INSTINCTIVELY... if you're ever wanted to get a women ADDITED to being with you, just do this one things)

- A secret breathing technique that clears your mind aND triggers hidden annimal passions in a women... while allowing you to LAST LONGER (A women biggest complaint about men is often how long he "lasted" . SO do this and you wont have to worry about women having this complaint about YOU)

- How to connect with a women sexually through her EMOTIONS??? A simple shift in attitude that TRIPLES your chances of getting in bed with a women the first night you meet her. (most men will not and go for it. This is wrong)

-How to get a women to WORK to have sex with YOU???

To be continue.......... frown

#11185 - 30 Jun 06 19:53 Re: hy most men fail " In The Bedroom"
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should men care? i don't. i just fuck them. women, that is. if they like it, that's good. if not, i simply don't care.

why do men spend so much time worrying about this stuff??
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#11186 - 30 Jun 06 20:00 Re: hy most men fail " In The Bedroom"
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Bla, bla, bla, sex is just sex, don't talk, just do it wink
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#11187 - 30 Jun 06 20:12 Re: hy most men fail " In The Bedroom"
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Is this considered "Free Sex" in the indonesian meaning of that phrase. Mal-Indo, how much should a guy pay for the women to say it was "mind-blowing"?

Everything is for sale.
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#11188 - 01 Jul 06 13:34 Re: hy most men fail " In The Bedroom"
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yups, sex is just sex, don't need to talk, just do it if you want and you like!
I like sex with guys that I like, I like sex in everywere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in dinning table, in guest room, In car, in taxi..
I don't need to prepare anything coz I'm ready for anytimes.. wink
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