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Solar - 21 Feb 06 11:28

I have a buyer for 30,000 tons/month of diesel oil?
Any suppliers interested?
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Re: Solar - 21 Feb 06 11:29

delivered or ex australia
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Re: Solar - 21 Feb 06 16:54

This is what I got from the buyer, can you do that?

First I need to know if your suppliers can meet the attached specs. Second, can they post a performance bond from a top European bank? Thirdly we are looking for a contract for 12months with a delivery of 30000mt monthly. Fourthly, we are looking for fixed pricing in the order of $440-$450/mt.

We have a bank facility to purchase from a Nigerian bank but confirmable at HSBC England.
Once the above questions can be answered satisfactorily, we can move forward.
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Re: Solar - 21 Feb 06 18:21

PM your email.

I will confirm some details overnight. this is grade 2 diesel?

Pricing is highly optimistic - December was $538/MT

Will advise.
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Re: Solar - 21 Feb 06 18:26

PS mention Nigerian banks and performance bonds in the same sentence and i get worried!!

If these guys try to rip us off they had better know that the people backing this play hard ball. Any nigerian who tres to rip them off will end up with no hands and feet (and no money).
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Re: Solar - 22 Feb 06 03:11

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Re: Solar - 22 Feb 06 03:24

Unless you dealing with thats Presidency Olusegun Obasanjo , He was my opposition when he was in jail , you mentioned about HSBC London forget about thats they all impersonated Bank Official I was dealing with them you name the official person and I will tell you Who they are.
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Re: Solar - 22 Feb 06 04:56

Who Are you PB ,if you dealing this kind of business in Sydney if you dont mind if I ask You , you may know me or I may know you , of course I dont want you and I mentioned ourself to this screen , but you may know some of my associated here in Sydney Active or non active because iam losing contact. let me know if you want to know them.
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Re: Solar - 22 Feb 06 06:04

I am a simple Polar Bear, sitting on an iceburg watching the world go by..... smile