Gym Question

Posted by: JHVH1

Gym Question - 18 Jun 07 14:55

Another thing I thought of. I'll have to find a gym that won't break the bank. I was formerly a member of Celebrity Fitness at Plaza Indonesia when I was there for 2 months in 2004. Great gym if a bit pricey. We'll most likely be living in central or south Jakarta, so any recommendations around there will be welcome. I want a good selection of free weights, doesn't have to be flash, just well stocked.
Posted by: chewwyUK

Re: Gym Question - 18 Jun 07 15:02

Being an expert in this area myself I am happy to share my extensive knowledge. Fitness First seem to be opening up all over the shop and if you get your timing right you can get a good deal from them.

Also kuku seems to know of a place (probably in walking distance of jaksa) that he says is dirt cheap. Or the other alternative is to take an apartment with a gym and not pay anything
Posted by: Dilli

Re: Gym Question - 18 Jun 07 19:09

More gym = less button popping Chewwy me lad!
Posted by: JHVH1

Re: Gym Question - 18 Jun 07 20:43

Apartment gyms, seen some pretty spartan ones. I'm pretty serious about lifting, go 4-5 times a week and need something a bit more taxing than girlie aerobic weights.
Posted by: Gurumeister

Re: Gym Question - 19 Jun 07 11:58

JHVH1 - I can recomend a gym which costs around 100,000rp a month. Fully equiped, all the stuff is there, newish equpment in great condition, not very crowded. I have joined up there twice on seperate visits to Jakarta because I liked it so much.

I can get the name of the place for you if your intrested but the down side possibly for you is that it is around the Depok area (Southern Jakarta).

Also can I ask when you will be comming to Jakarta?
Posted by: Gurumeister

Re: Gym Question - 19 Jun 07 12:04

Ok never mind I just read you should be comming early 2008.
Posted by: juminten

Re: Gym Question - 19 Jun 07 15:02

forget the gym! just play pingpong with Kuku! its free..murah and meriah!
Posted by: JHVH1

Re: Gym Question - 20 Jun 07 09:25

Thanks all for the replies.