Where the interest on Aussie Tsunami $$$$$

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Where the interest on Aussie Tsunami $$$$$ - 16 Jan 07 13:14

Just a question. Of all the money raised by the australian public and also matched by the australian governemnt after the Aceh tsunami HEAPS of $$$$ is still sitting around waiting for non corrupt and accountable NGO's to take up. (could take a bloody long while to find!!!!!) It's been two years and does anyone know where the interests on many hundred million bucks goes to???
Does little johnny know?
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Re: Where the interest on Aussie Tsunami $$$$$ - 16 Jan 07 23:04

i think the answer is that the money has not actually been handed over. i mean, australians are not *completely* stupid. they know what will happen to the money if they just handed it over in lump sums to the indonesian government and/or NGOs.

part of the problem is that there is just so much money to spend, and a limited capacity for aceh to absorb it.

most of the problem is the sheer incompetance and obstructionism of the indonesian bureaucracy, who are literally preventing money from being spent.
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Re: Where the interest on Aussie Tsunami $$$$$ - 17 Jan 07 00:02

Also a lot of the problem comes from NGO's being full of idiots who would not know how to manage their way out of a paper bag.

Unfortunately the money raised was just too much for them to handle. Especially when you look at the people who are employed by NGO's. As a rule they pay really shitty salaries, which in turn gives them crappy people.

The amount of waste that happens in this area is enough to make you sick. Even very simple things canít get done. One of million of examples of this is a case a heard involving Friesian Flag. After the Tsunami they donated truckloads of long life milk up to the area to be given to away to the people. After a year Friesian Flag went to the area to do some more charity work and discovered a warehouse full of the milk they sent a year before. Nobody had touched it because they couldnít figure out a way to ensure it was going to the people who needed it !!!!

Now Friesian flag not only send their products to natural disasters but also distribute it themselves too!
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Re: Where the interest on Aussie Tsunami $$$$$ - 17 Jan 07 00:18

Course their own pocket!!!! I heard from 9 bilion US $ only give it away 2 bilion US $ !!!!