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Polar Bears Asian Sex Life! - 19 Nov 06 22:45

World's oldest profession sees slide in work ethic

Changes to the law regarding adult entertainment earlier this year
were supposed to be a boon for Japan's burgeoning call girl industry,
but they've been a flop, according to Weekly Playboy (11/27).

With the tightened law cracking down on sex services that have
storefronts, hoteheru, the business where women visit customers
waiting in places like love hotels was supposed to skyrocket, but the
poor quality of worker is having an adverse affect, the weekly says.

"I use a lot of other rivals' services, just to check out their
performance, y'know. And what really stands out is that the quality of
girl working for them is disgraceful. They show no inclination to open
up to you, don't even try and have a conversation and seem to just
want to get it over and done with," an ejaculation industry insider
tells Weekly Playboy. "It's become the norm for girls to complain of
having sore throats and refusing to perform fellatio. Others have
absolutely no qualms about telling paying customers they won't do it
at all. You can't possibly ask them for sumata (a technique where a
woman uses her thighs to masturbate a man). Even if you show them how
to do things, they just say it's a bother learning them and offer me
(illegal) intercourse."

A reporter with 12 years experience using Japan's adult services
elaborates on the recent trends that have been affecting the sex
industry here.

"There are many girls who go all the way, who'll go on dates with
customers and do other good stuff, so there are plenty out there who
enjoy what they have to offer. The problem is the attitude in which
service is performed. It's at the worst level ever," the reporter
says. "They're supposed to be professionals, but they're puerile. If
the cops don't start cracking down on hoteheru, they'll be dominating
the sex business by 2007."

As hoteheru have become the main form of servicing customers, the
number of workers who don't provide the services the industry was once
famous for is increasing.

"Storefront sex services had shifts with the popular women getting the
most lucrative work times, which meant if customers didn't like you,
there was no chance of getting put on a roster for weekend work (where
the best money can be made). All the women had to compete to make
money," the hack continues. "But with hoteheru, the women only have to
sit around for a while and wait for the customer to call. It's become
totally normal for girls to turn up for work hours later than they
were supposed to. They walk all over the weaker operators who tell
them they aren't allowed to have dyed hair or tattoos."

A 19-year-old girl working in Tokyo's Shibuya district as a hoteheru
is dismissive of the claims."Hey, I'm working in the sex business and
still only giving (her pimp) 5,000 yen a pop," she tells Weekly
Playboy. "I hate fellatio and sumata. Rather than do them, I'd rather
go all the way and get paid a bit more on the sly."
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Buzz on handy gPod a poison apple for US giant

Far from lovin' it, as one huge American multinational food giant
urges its Japanese customers to do, Japan's sex services are
struggling as U.S. business behemoths crack down on them for
commandeering brand names to use for saucy products and services,
according to Shukan Gendai (11/18).

Ichiro Kameda, the president of a tiny, two-man company in Osaka, is
currently embroiled in a bitter battle with computer maker Apple.

"Putting it simply, the fight is all over what I call our beat
generator. There's a small device with three different,
sound-activated motors. It's a revolutionary invention. You can plug
it in to iPods or mobile phones. It can also be programmed to operate
only for certain voices," Kameda says, referring to his company's product.

Kameda's commercial pride and joy is actually a women's sex aid worn
inside her most intimate orifices and buzzing her with good vibrations
when set off by sound.

Though the Japanese Patent Agency gave him the right to use the devise
in August last year, and the trademark he chose for the product was
approved two months later, he still hasn't been able to sell. The
problem? He called the product the gPod, presumably after the G-Spot
and jii, the Japanese word for masturbation. Kameda has since found
out his choice of product name was like, well, taking a bite out of a
rotten apple.

When Kameda applied across the globe to have the gPod registered as a
trademark, the computer giant raised objections, saying it was too
close a resemblance to its hit iPod (it probably doesn't help that the
gPod even looks like an iPod.) The fight really intensified earlier
this year.

"This Japanese lawyer rolled up on my doorstep one day, saying he
represented Apple and carrying a letter asking me to change the
product name," Kameda tells Shukan Gendai.

Apple legal representatives have repeatedly contacted Kameda,
requesting he stop using the gPod trademark, including in one letter
with extracts that read: "The product planned for use with the
trademark 'gPod' is a sex aid and masturbation aid 'If this product
comes onto the market, you will be forced to take all sorts of legal
measures to deal with it'We would like to avoid a fight over this and
would be prepared to cover any costs you have incurred."

Kameda laughs at the reaction.

"What they were telling me was that they'd pay if I agreed to stop
using the trademark. Of course I turned them down. If they sue me,
I'll fight," he says.

Apple Computer Inc., meanwhile, is, unlike gPod users, keeping
tight-lipped about the case.

"It's company policy not to comment on legal cases," an Apple
spokesman tells Shukan Gendai.

Fed up with the fight, Kameda plans to put the gPod on sale in Japan
alone at the end of this month.

It's not just apples that are falling over trademarks. There was a
whopper of a battle between a sex service in Chiba and hamburger
behemoth McDonald's that left the call girl business far from lovin'
it. The sex service called itself Nukudonarudo, a play on words taken
from nukeru, slang Japanese for ejaculation, and Makudonarudo, the
local pronunciation of McDonald's.

"We thought it'd be better to have a name with impact. It came about
by coincidence because there was a McDonald's restaurant in front of
us at the time we were meeting to discuss the service name," the
operator of Nukudonarudo tells Shukan Gendai. "In this business, it's
better to create a bit of a stir, so we didn't mind if they sued us."

Nukudonarudo also copied McDonald's menus to label its sex services.
While the restaurant has a standard 0 yen charge for a smile,
Nukudonarudo informed its customers they were entitled to a "sexy
groan for 0 yen."

McDonald's was none too pleased to see itself associated with a call
girl service.

"We confirmed in July that the name belonged to a sex service. We
don't want our customers to consider the possibility that our company
is associated with that business and their name hurts the brand we
have worked very hard to establish," a member of McDonald's
communications division tells Shukan Gendai. "We informed the company
that its name breached the fair trade practices law and demanded it be

Threatened with a massive lawsuit from a huge multinational,
Nukudonarudo's owner lost his cojones.

"My lawyer told me that McDonald's in the United States had led the
complaints against us and that compensation in a lawsuit could run
into the hundreds of millions of yen. Considering we also called one
of our services a 'Super Value Set,' I figured a court case probably
wasn't the best idea," the owner tells Shukan Gendai. "We had no
choice, so have recently changed the name. Now, we're gonna call
ourselves 'Nukutteria' (after "nukeru" and Korean fast food chain
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Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax

Growing numbers of Japanese women are afflicted with an illness that
gives them orgasms virtually 24 hours a day. And with suggestions that
it could be deadly, the women hardly know whether they're coming or
going, according to Shukan Post (11/24).

"If a guy simply taps me on the shoulder, I just swoon. Even when I go
to the toilet, my body reacts. I'm a little bit scared of myself," one
woman sufferer tells Shukan Post.

Another adds: "When I got on the train one day, I could feel blood
gushing toward a certain part of my body and it felt so good I almost
let out a moan. It was sheer murder when everybody got pushed into the

Yet another woman has her say.

"Even the vibration of my mobile phone is enough to set me off," she
says. "My friend said there's something called Iku Iku byo (Cum Cum
Disease). I guess I've got that."

What may be afflicting these women, the best-selling weekly says, is
an ailment called persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS).

PSAS has been described as an affliction that brings about orgasm
through the slightest of jolts regardless of whether they're aroused,
or even thinking about sex. What's more, orgasms experienced by PSAS
sufferers are not just momentary phenomena, instead affecting women
over anywhere from a few days to a week, with one reported case seeing
300 orgasms in a single day.

Awareness in Japan of PSAS -- which was first documented by Dr. Sandra
Leiblum in the United States five years ago -- is growing, especially
in the blogsphere, where it is being called Iku Iku byo.

Hideo Yamanaka, a doctor at the Toranomon Hibiya Clinic in Tokyo says
the disease can be debilitating.

"For women to orgasm, they need to have some sort of sexual
stimulation. There are nerves around the female genitals which react
to sexual stimulation. The body gradually builds up to a crescendo,
that ascends to a climax," the doctor tells Shukan Post. "However,
with this disease, women are mysteriously reaching climax without any
external sexual stimulation at all. One possible cause that I can
think of is an irregularity in the sensory nerves."

PSAS discover Leiblum says that the disease has a tendency to strike
post-menopausal women in their 40s and 50s or those who've undergone
hormonal treatment. But she adds that there have also been cases
reported among women in their 30s, stressing that too little is known
about the syndrome to pinpoint anything and adds that the nature of
the ailment means that many sufferers may be too ashamed to report it.

PSAS numbers in the U.S. are high enough for support groups to have
popped up, suggesting it won't be too long before Japan sees the same.

"Awareness levels are still too low," Jeannie Allen, the head of PSAS
Support, tells Shukan Post. "I think there's a strong possibility that
there are Japanese patients."

Manga artist Akira Narita, who says he has slept with over 1,000
different women, says he has come across some he believes may have had

"There must have been about 15 who came without me doing a thing. We'd
only need to stare in each other's eyes and they'd start wiggling
about, gripping tightly onto whatever was around them and their bodies
would start to shake. There were others who'd orgasm repeatedly just
because I'd stroked their hands," the self-professed sexpert says.
"I'd always thought of these women as types who got off in their
minds, but I think perhaps they may have had PSAS."

PSAS is not sex addiction and, considering the constant orgasms can be
draining, can often be a painful and demeaning experience. Many
sufferers are driven to the verge of suicide, prompting medical
experts to recommend anybody who suspects they have the ailment to
seek a doctor's advice immediately.

"Anybody who has the slightest suspicion," physician Yamanaka tells
Shukan Post, "should get to a gynecologist or neurologist straight away