Question about Kamus DwiBahasa

Posted by: flingwing

Question about Kamus DwiBahasa - 03 Sep 12 10:14

G'day All, I have a question concerning the Kamus DwiBahasa on the right side of this webpage.

Indonesia has a free translation service that you can access by SMS on your handphone. The access number is 4664. It works (somewhat) to/from both English and Indonesian. The problem is that this service's dictionary is far from complete. The Kamus Dwibahasa on this site is much more complete.

Do you suppose there is any way people could use (access or download) this site's Kamus Dwibahasa via handphone?

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Posted by: KuKuKaChuModerator

Re: Question about Kamus DwiBahasa - 03 Sep 12 12:56

yes of course you can use your handphone. just open up your web browser with URL