Restaurant Review - Lara Djonggrang

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Restaurant Review - Lara Djonggrang - 16 Feb 07 00:19

Jl. Cik Di Tiro 4
Jakarta Pusat
021 315 3252

Looking for a romantic place to take that special person? Well look no further than Lara Djonggrang. Going to this restaurant was like going on holiday for a night as once inside you are a million miles away from the noise and grime of Jakarta.

The restaurant has an interesting array of rooms each decorated in it's own unique style. Everywhere you walk your eyes feast on an abundance of Indonesian antiques and artwork all bathed on soft candlelight.

In my humble opinion the best tables are located in a little outside seating area where you are surrounded by a fishpond and dine under the canopy of a beautiful tree.

The menu for this restaurant is giant you may need help lifting it, however it’s well worth the struggle. A wide variety of Indonesian food available and I also liked that they said what part of Indonesia the dish came from. When the food arrived it was delicious and very well presented. The cost of a meal for two is going to be between around Rp 400.000 (obviously you can get away with less or a lot more if you drink a lot).

Talking of drinks there is also a great bar area at the back they call Bihzad Bar – very cool very romantic and an ideal place to sit and chat over a few drinks. I can highly recommend the “love temple” cocktail (well it was valentines day!), which is a mix of whiskey, smashed watermelon and mint. Without doubt one of the best cocktails I have ever tasted.

So what are you waiting for people? Grab your Barry White CD and book a table!

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Re: Restaurant Review - Lara Djonggrang - 16 Feb 07 00:40

And by all accounts, you are 100% guaranteed a leg over afterwards!
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Re: Restaurant Review - Lara Djonggrang - 16 Feb 07 00:41

Oh yes ---- and what a leg it was wink
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Lara Djonggrang - 16 Feb 07 01:32

Here's a review I did for a magazine a few weeks ago, same place but admittedly a bit heavy on the history of Lara herself, who is now the Love Goddess in Javanese Mythology....


A living legend
Lara Djonggrang, the restaurant

Known as imperial Indonesian cuisine, Lara Djonggrang restaurant is impeccable, a perfect blend of a mystical, romantic atmosphere. Lara Djonggrang is more than a restaurant; it endeavours to remind people in this modern world of the unparalleled beauty of ancient Indonesia, by literally bringing it back to life. We were stunned by everything inside Lara Djonggrang, every piece inside the house tells a story, even the floor tiles, which were made hundreds of years ago.

Lara is a filial daughter who has been cursed by the evil Bandung Bondowoso for rejecting his love for her. Even though she had to face the wicked Bondowoso, she showed no fear and continued holding to her principles until he put another curse on her and turned her into a statue. Her faith remained unmovable; she would not fall in love nor give in to the person who killed her beloved father.

Lara kept praying to the god and goddess for strength and wished to spread the noble values of love of a daughter for her parents. The god and goddess in heaven were moved and touched by her pure heart and finally lifted her up to heaven. She was then deified in Javanese mythology and is now known as the Love Goddess Lara Djonggrang.

Her statue, it is believed, remains in the position it was in when she rejected Bandung Bondowoso, near Prambanan temple in Central Java. Now, however, we can see her in the Lara Djonggrang room at Lara Djonggrang Imperial Restaurant. Diners will find her legendary beauty and values embodied in everything the restaurant does, especially the striking décor.

Let the warm Javanese waiters escort you on a tour of the restaurant and venture deep into ancient Java, enjoying the antique interior and magnificent statue of Lara, as well as other rooms like the Sukarno room where you will find the legacy of the late President Sukarno.

The cuisine has been inspired by the royal journeys through regions during the times of King Hayam Wuruk, who held the reign of the Kingdom of Majapahit at the beginning of the 14th century. As the king travelled from one region to another, the people gave him an awe-inspiring, delectable and vast variety of dishes from each region of Java and beyond. Now you can savour all this awe-inspiring fare at Lara’s. Do not skip the house satays; Sate Lilit Ikan Gianyar (Bali), Sate Kerang Kraton (Pasuruan), Sate Tempe Panggang Kecap (Blitar), tasting just one will not be enough, and they have nearly a dozen condiments to try with your satay. Experience the Pasar Nelayan Kampung Tugu; savour the delicious wide array of grilled seafood, such as shrimp, fish, crab, and shellfish with loads of delectable condiments. Before the “royal course” arrived, we were served Tempe Ngawen as an appetizer, which is fabulous with the Sambal Tomat. Delight in the Es Mahakam together with friends, as its size is as large as its taste. Just as King Hayam Wuruk journeyed the archipelago and was treated with the utmost respect, humble and warm waiters will also treat you like a king.

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Oh Ricc, this one i like it!
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Been there once. Cozy place. Staffs are friendly and helpful. You can take a "tour" in the resto and one of the staffs will be your "tour guide" for free. Each room has a different style to another smile Enjoy!
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Thanks for the review, peeps! Gotta try...gotta try...

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Re: Restaurant Review - Lara Djonggrang - 17 Feb 07 03:50

is your desire to try this place in anyway related to your bf turning up at 6pm tonight??
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Not tonight, chew! LOL! He's only stopover in Jakarta! Next visit maybe.. or on my 'cute' friend's (you know who) B'day wink